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WTF.com is a collective of ranters who believe in freedom of speech, the rights of individuals, and free pancakes! We share our lives, struggles, frustrations, successes, joys, and prescribe to our own special brand of humor and insanity. If you are looking for a great place to hang out, make new friends, find new nemeses, and just be yourself, WTF.com is your new home.

We are a community full of both the smartest people on the planet and the most pathetic specimens ever to populate the shallow end of the gene pool. This site is all about the broad range of personalities you can encounter on the internet; from the brilliant to the mindless, the paranoid to the ridiculous, the humorous to the bizarre, and more. You'll find them all right here.

We would like to thank all those who have supported our site with donations over the years. We would also like to give a special mention to those who have become lifetime supporters of our site: Abacus Avenger, BudVugger, Dead Set, ryunp, 53V3N. We couldn't survive without them!

We may be the most well known for (though by no means limited by) the following areas of interest:

Life Sucks

The place to rant, gripe, complain, and vent about anything on your mind.

Are your parents, or kids, driving you insane? Did your girlfriend dump you for your best friend? If your boss just screwed you over, or school is making you pull your hair out, get it out of your system and vent in the Life Sucks forum before you go postal!

News & Debates

The place to read & post headlines of all kinds, from serious, to tabloid, and fringe news), and debate the issues of the day.

Why not contribute a few news stories of interest or jump into a lively debate with some of the smartest / stupidest people on the internet? The News & Debates forum is devoted to headlines and discussing current issues; from political matters to global warming, war to religion. We cover it all.

Other Topics

Bitching, griping, or debating not your thing? WTF?! is by no means limited to only these topics! We also offer many other topics of interest that you might enjoy. Here is a sampling:

* Looking for a bit of just general "Water Cooler" chit-chat? Head over to Brain Droppings.
* Enjoy/despise a movie, book, or game recently? Tell us all about it in Entertainment Avenue.
* Are you a photographer, artist, or poet? Hobbies & Interests is where members share their unique contributions.
* If the digital end of the universe is your niche, you'll want to participate in Computing & Technology.
* Find something funny on the Net you'd like to share, or feel like a good forum game? Visit Fun & Notables.
* Have a question that you just can't find an answer for? Post it in our Ask A Ranter forum!
* If you enjoy a good verbal sparring/flame and aren't easily butthurt, visit Taters & Haters where anything goes!

Other Site Areas

Lastly, we also offer various other site sections such as "The Confessional" where you can reveal your secrets anonymously, and more!

If you decide to ultimately become a premium member, you will gain access to various other features such as our online Arcade, a shiny new @wtf.com e-mail address, and more!

So take a look around, register your FREE account (which takes 30 seconds), and start a post in the Welcome Wagon so we can throw a few barbs your way! Don't mind a little hazing, do you hippie?
Apr 23, 2011
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