Fuck my Uncle. Fuck my Cousin.

Discussion in 'Life Sucks' started by PissedRae, Nov 5, 2006.

  1. PissedRae

    PissedRae Allow me...

    I'm at a loss. My family is fucking ignorant.

    This is kind of long but I had to rant and see if everyone here thinks I'm the idiot or they are fucked up.

    My Grandmother is the head of the family and everyone complains about money and shit and nobody gets along. They all hate each other. My Grandma wants everyone to get along and be happy and have everything they could want. Well. Some people have taken advantage of that.

    My Uncle David is one greedy bastard. 15 years ago he had this ratty old townhouse that needed alot of work. My Grandmother said she would fix it up if he would let my mom stay in it with me and my 3 brothers a few years after she divorced my dad and she was trying to geto n her feet. My mom would buy it. About a year later my uncle tries to sell it - all nicely remodled with all new stuff, new tiles, carpet, AC, everything. Worth hardly anything before fix up worth lots after fix up. Screw his sister.

    Then he likes to play the big shot. He helped them invest in some property then he got a finders fee. Then a few years down the line he got more money because he played the "You wouldn't have any of this if it wasn't for me" card. He played this over and over again.

    My grandmother bought a townhouse to invest in and when my grandfather was alive he wanted him to live there because it was safer for him and his family. So they moved in. THEN by magic the house gets put into his name (probably got my grams to sign something under her nose) and several years later sells it for huge amounts of money. Giving my grandmother nothing. Not even what she paid for it.

    There is so much more and would be 20 more paragraphs but it's stuff like that.

    So long story short - my uncle - living the high life - my other uncle struggling to keep up my mom struggling to keep her business afloat, the youngest uncle- using $2,000 dollar a month to pay for his house and almony.

    My grandmother defends everyone trying to see the good in everyone. I guess I'm like that too and perhaps I shouldn't be. She defends people who steal from her and she defended my cousin who was "raised right" by church and good parenting. Well nice girls who go off to college become girls gone wild (not always but I had this nailed on the head). I said it was going to happen and nobody believed me. Well she has myspace (gag) and had some pics posted and i was ilke holy shit. She's a pretty girl and she got a boob job and drives a lexus at 20 years old. She is out drinking, partying, flaunting herself in all these pics and somehow my mom found out (probablly my younger brother) and she wanted my grandmother to see it. My grandmother was like damn I didn't think she would do something like that.

    So my cousin is all pissed off because my mom wanted my grandmother to see the pictures of her dressed like a fucking bimbo flaunting her car and money that should be my grandmothers. So I showed them.

    Now I don't know if it's wrong of me to have shown my cousins pics. She wrote me a nice little note:

    You know, I really didn't have anything against you before but I really think that showing my myspace page to grandma was a little inappropriate. It is none of hers or your business to be showing people and now she thinks I like "flaunting my boobs"? Give me a break. Don't you have anything else better to do beside myspace anyways? When I turn your age I sure as hell hope I have something better to do with my time like having a stable job. What I have in my pictures is my business and if you have a problem with them then you can come talk to me yourself. bye.

    Well. I am a stay at home mom. I don't want to work. I want to take care of my daughter. Before I moved I was the Office Manager for my security office. I worked 40 hours a week and ran around with a phone and had to be on call 24 hours a day.

    I have myspace because my brother always wants to show me shit he posts and I have found some of my school friends who I haven't talked to in forever. I only even use it if my brother is like "check out this song" or I see someone writing me a message or whatnot.

    Putting pics of yourself on myspace isn't exactly a private place. If she didn't want her family to see them she shouldn't have them online. DUH.

    And lastly. If she didn't want people to think she wasn't "flaunting her boobs" then why the fuck did she get a boob job?

    I am really fucking pissed. The fucking bitch goes to my grandfather's funeral wearing a frilly pink outfit and leaves early to go to a cheap concert then is pissed because I showed a few pics of her in her sleazy halloween costume (and well MAYBE a few others :p).

    Fuck her.

    This is only the current problems. God I could go on for weeks about the stupid shit they do.

    Like how they keep bringing up the fact I payed discounted rent when I stayed in one of my grandmother's apartments. God Forbid I get any kind of break.
  2. cowsarentfun

    cowsarentfun Flame Bait

    Firstly, I can honestly say that after reading all of that, you have made me a lot more grateful for my family. I would have snapped by this point if I had a family like that.

    For the uncle, tell him stop bringing up the past all the time, it's in the past for a reason. For your cousin, she sounds like a cheap whore, to be honest.
    1. Getting a boob job is stupid. 2. Putting pictures she doesn't want people to see on myspace is the stupidest thing I've heard in a quite a while. My advice is stop wasting your effort caring about her. Let her get all the boob jobs and do all the partying that she likes, eventually she will figure out that if she acts like a whore, people will treat her like a whore.
    Good luck with all of them, you make me appreciate my family a lot more.
  3. grim_reaper_666

    grim_reaper_666 Banned - What an Asshat!

    well thats a nice family you have there but remeber on myspace you can set your profile to private so no one can see the pics unless you want them to but from the sounds of it she was doing it mostly to show off her boobs
    as for you uncle?
    well people like that do often get whats coming to them but not always which is why its sometimes nice to be the person who gives it to them
    my family sucks but thats just family stuff from the sounds of your rant your uncle needs to be sorted out cause stealin from family is jus wrong
    dont worry evey family has at least one or two family members who sound like this is in one form or another.
    but remember when the family members who like them pass away they are often left with nothing as cruel as it maybe its all jus a matter of wating each other out till the middle member dies
  4. PissedRae

    PissedRae Allow me...

    Her profile didn't used to be private but she changed it recently. Guess some weird myspace guys liked what they saw :p
  5. MadHatterMad

    MadHatterMad a.k.a. ZoeMonster Premium

    I say leave the materialistic bitch be. If she wants to turn into a slut, let her be a slut(with fake boobs). Your uncle, well I think he either needs to be shot, or someone should turn the tables on him.
  6. Captain Subtext

    Captain Subtext Whoosh.

    Your family is about as screwed up as mine. :thumbsup:

    Well I'm pretty sure there's some kind of law you can use against your uncle, but you'd have to have people on your side.

    As for your cousin, well whatever you post on the internet, yourself, is your responsibility. If I posted racial hate towards another person, then I can't really defend myself there. She uploaded a bunch of slutty pictures of herself, she's got no defense whatsoever. She put them up for people to see, and people saw them. Good job!

    I've got a story that'll make you laugh: My aunt is a millionaire and gets free college classes because she's a single mum. Insane, isn't it? Oh and she bragged about it to my mum, who hasn't spoken to her since. That's been six years now. :rolleyes:
  7. that_one_guy

    that_one_guy You know, that one guy.

    Obey The Pervert Side

    My serious side says that you need to do what I do, not give a shit about what any of your family does.
    My evil side says go bitch slap your whore cousin, and go scream your fucking brains out at your uncle.
    My sympathetic side says you need to understand you're family better and learn why they're doing what they're doing.
    And last but definitly not least, my pervert side wants to see the pictures of your cousin :thumbsup:.
  8. PissedRae

    PissedRae Allow me...

    Man. I hate the idiots in my family. The should be dragged out of their homes and shot in the knees.

    The crazy drama that surrounds them is like something out of a daytime soap. - Watch out for Stephano he might put a battery in your teeth and force you to sign all your money over to him.

    If I was the bitch that my family seems to think I am I would have downloaded her pictures and posted them for your enjoyment.

    I can at least give you a description of her:

    Imagine a girl gone wild genetically mutated with an ostrich and paris hilton and you have my cousin.

    Feel free to make something like that on photoshop.

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