Headlines Hidden camera catches dad molesting daughter

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  1. What The Funk

    What The Funk Banned - What an Asshat!

    This is a very smart & brave mother to have done this

    Police: Woman Catches Husband Molesting Daughter On Tape
    Man Charged With Sexual Assault
    Deb Stanley, 7NEWS Producer

    GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. -- A father has been formally charged with 12 counts of sexual assault on a child.

    KKCO-TV in Grand Junction said he was caught on camera sexually abusing a 6-year-old girl.

    According to the television station, police said a woman suspected her husband was sexually abusing her daughter, so she set up a camera and caught him.

    TheDenverChannel.com is not releasing the name of the suspect, because it might identify the victim in the case.

    The arrest affidavit states the man was caught on tape abusing the girl while she slept in a bunk bed.

    To see a video report on this case, visit KKCO's Web site.

  2. Kiwi

    Kiwi Tal'chak'amel

    Wow. That was some smart movement on the part of the mum.
  3. PiercedPsycho

    PiercedPsycho Muchly <3

    It's kinda hard to beat video proof. Unless you know there's a camera and dress appropriately of course.
  4. DirtyBird

    DirtyBird Divides by Zero

    Death penalty.

    How could you do something like that to your own daughter? :mad:
  5. Brain Spout

    Brain Spout Wizard No More

    Is the mother being charged with child pornography, because that'd be an interesting turn of events.
  6. eyeknow

    eyeknow Well-Known Member

    ^roffle Kill em both
  7. some kid

    some kid Humanity makes me sad.

    Wait...I thought you were for rehabilitation of pedophiles?

    On the one hand, I can obviously see that going to your husband and saying "hey, are you molesting our daughter?" would not be a very successful conversation. But on the other hand, if she was so certain he was doing something she actually set up a camera, I believe she should've done something before hand so it didn't happen again.
  8. steelasp

    steelasp The Asp of Steel Premium

    Yeah seriously! Why didn't she just set up a hidden camera and take evidence to the police? :rolleyes:
  9. Brain Spout

    Brain Spout Wizard No More

    I think what's he saying is that by setting up a video camera, she's basically waiting for him to commit the crime again, instead of preventing it.
  10. 53V3N

    53V3N Gone fission Staff

    I can only imagine that she was praying and hoping that she was wrong. Both for the sake of her marriage as well as for the safety of her daughter.
  11. some kid

    some kid Humanity makes me sad.


    That too.
  12. PiercedPsycho

    PiercedPsycho Muchly <3

    I imagine her idea was that she suspects it, and she knows that if she confronts him without solid proof, he'll go underground in a way, which would make it worse by causing him to escalate. She knew she was allowing further molestation of her daughter by videotaping it, but she felt it was the only way to truly catch him and thus not only help her daughter in the long run, but also provide solid evidence for her case against him.

    The article didn't say whether or not her daughter told her, but if her daughter did tell her, you have to give the woman props for believing her. Too often we hear about how a mother didn't believe her child.
  13. jesushitknuckle

    jesushitknuckle just here to piss you off

    I definitely have to give kudos to the mom for taking the action to prove this kind of shit that happens to go on in a lot of lil shit towns and cities. At the same time I am kind of amazed that the mother believed her daughter as most of the time daughters don't always get that benefit of the doubt.
  14. unhappyso

    unhappyso Fucking Fuck.

    I can't fucking believe they let that guy out on bond! He's just going to go off himself. I hope he's under suicide watch. That poor child. I think he should have to pay for counseling for life for his daughter.
  15. HoneyImHome

    HoneyImHome sugar-coated cynicism

    There is no way to prevent this type thing without kicking the father out, and then you're just sending a fucking pedophile out into the world to go on to the next victim. If she just took her child to the police and decided to take that course it would put unbelievable stress on the child. This avoided all of that.

    She had a suspicion anyway, there's no way to KNOW 100% in this type of thing so she did the absolutely best thing she could do and solidify the whole thing. He won't be able to deny this.
  16. DirtyBird

    DirtyBird Divides by Zero

    1. Reading comprehension will take you a long way in life. Go back and READ MY FUCKING POSTS and you'll see not once where I said "I BELIEVE WE SHOULD REHABILITATE PEDOPHILES". You find where I say I specifically believe we should do that and I will give you a million dollars. Until then, learn to understand what you read.

    If I was trying to say anything it was that we need to set up a system that isnt a fucked up hybrid of a punishment and a rehabilitation system because that creates criminals and releases hardened criminals back into society. I personally believe we should set up a dual system where upon the first offense you're considered to go through a 3-7 year rehabilitation plan like they do currently, or if the crime was bad enough or if it's a second offense, straight to life imprisonment/execution in a parallel system of prisons. Keep the extremely violent offenders and the first offenders and nonviolent offenders separated. Throwing hardened criminals and nonviolent drug offenders into the same cesspool for 5 years then releasing them both on parole isn't helping the innocent or the guilty.

    2. You're passing judgment on this woman's actions with the benefit of hindsight. Perhaps she thought her suspicions were absolutely ludicrous, but she wanted to make sure. It's easy to sit here after we see the crime on tape and say "Oh someone should have prevented that! Forget the tape!" But you see, without the tape as evidence, you wouldnt be sitting around saying it should have been prevented.
  17. JLXC

    JLXC WTF's Official Conspiracy Fanatic

    What a sick shit, I feel sorry for the wife and kid. She must've cried her ass off once she saw the tape, one wonders if she watched the whole thing. Ewwww.
  18. skifter22

    skifter22 Winch Grinder


    The most heinous of acts deserves the ultimate punishment. As I understand it - pedophiles are typically accosted or killed while in prison, honor among thieves I guess...
  19. jesushitknuckle

    jesushitknuckle just here to piss you off

    At the same time, even if it wasn't his own daughter would you still want the death penalty?
  20. skifter22

    skifter22 Winch Grinder

    Yes... absolutely.

    Child abuse (specifically sexual) is a crime that extends into the realm of the heinous and evil. It is a crime that scars and effects it's victims for the remainder of their (sometimes shortened by suicide) lives... and more often than not, these creeps get but a few years behind bars for their crime...

    I may have just kicked over the barrel of worms over that statement... but I think it's high time that Child abuse laws, along with Vice laws in general, get a 'common sense' make-over.

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