Little Big Man Syndrome

Discussion in 'Life Sucks' started by Jenkies, Apr 4, 2005.

  1. Jenkies

    Jenkies The Dude

    There's nothing I hate more than little big man syndrome. There is a kid who lives down the hall from me who is about 5'4" and has the biggest attitude I have ever seen, he has to display it to everyone. People like this think they have to come off and show a 'larger than life' image about themselves because in my opinion it roots back to low self esteem issues due to being small when they were a kid. People like this need to get over themselves and act like a normal fucking human being.
  2. Those kind of people annoy me.

    I knew a kid once, who always got the shit beaten out of him. The reason? His "oh, i can kick your ass" attitude.

    They got big egos cause they need to compensate for something...
  3. Woodreaux

    Woodreaux Original Dicksman

    I know about compensation. I got a smaller than average dog to compensate for my extraorginally huge penis.
  4. swizeguy

    swizeguy How dare you!?

    Yes that drives me insane. I had a neighbor that was like that. A little twerp that liked to hang with the older kids and liked to act like he was on of the bigger kids. He had a moth on him tho. I couldnt believe it. The kids was like 10 and was saying shit that i wouldnt even say.
  5. ChilianFuckFace

    ChilianFuckFace Banned - What an Asshat!

    I am short, and I could kick you all asses mother fuckers cock suckers idiots! :confused:

    I hope these people take a bit of sarcasim

    I used to act this way. As I got older, I started to act normal again. I am only 5'6, I consider my self a short person... :(
  6. Darklight

    Darklight Oppressing your posts...

    I call it Chiwawa syndrome... how a little chiwawa dog in someones yard barks and snarles like its a friggen doberman.. but its not.. its a puny turd of a dog... I could sit on it and kill it...

    DIZNUTS Ñúñ'§ þêG £ègGéÐ /\/\å±ëý

    i dunno guys...i know a few guys that are short like 5'4 and under short....they got attitude on them and they can fight...i seen them knock out dudes over 6' tall lol
  8. AgentOrange

    AgentOrange Flame Bait

    Just ignore the fucker, he'll get his fare share of beatings when the time is right.
  9. Jarilith

    Jarilith Flame Bait

    No joke, some of those dudes are wiry. They are small and fast. While I was visiting a "cowboyish" friend in southern california (odd combo, I know) all the "gangsta" crowd that I expected to be endlessly hassling him didn't give him any shit at all. Upon asking why, he says that another little cowboy kicked somebody's ass one nite, with a big audience, and now they all think that cowboys are crazy hella fighters and can't be hassled with impugnity.
  10. Jenkies

    Jenkies The Dude

    Hmmm, well just because a short small kid has beat someone's ass who was bigger than him before doesn't give him the right to go around acting like he's the shit and flipping out when the tiniest thing happens to him. Anyways, if someone doesn't know how to fight or defend themselves when the situation calls for it, anyone is gonna be able to kick their ass if they know the slightest thing about fighting.
  11. Descent

    Descent Hella Constipated

    Fucking [​IMG]. I have a friend who's 5' (Yeah, only 5' and 15 years of age), and he's a blackbelt. He's so nice you would never know it though. He could probobly pwn some n00bz.

    If you pit a decent fighter against an excellent small fighter, the small one will win. Hands down...Think of an interceptor jet trying to take out a heavy assault jet. Both are fast, but one is faster and more manueverable, and smaller, so it's harder for the bigger one to hit. Therefore the bigger one cannot get "missle lock" (The "perfect hit" in this place), and take the smaller one out. The small person could duck around their legs and shit, and land blows that could take the big guy out in weak bodily spots (i.e. The legpits, family jewels, etc.)

    The opposite can easily become true if there are additional variables...but all the ghetto kids are in my school, not the other high school, and this is the outcome I observe.
  12. Brain Spout

    Brain Spout Wizard No More

    there is a kid like this at my school, but he is funny about it. hes like 5'2'' and acts tough, but its more of a joke then a real thing. he knows hes short and couldnt do anything. maybe its the same deal with this guy and you just arent his firend so you dont see it as that
  13. TwisT

    TwisT Hooked on Rocks!

    It's called L.D.S.

    DIZNUTS Ñúñ'§ þêG £ègGéÐ /\/\å±ëý

    little dick syndrome? what William Smith is suffering from?
  15. Dragonfly

    Dragonfly Hiding

    Big and boastful are nothing. Its the small and quiet ones you gotta watch out for.

    *EDIT* Yay 100 posts go me
  16. TwisT

    TwisT Hooked on Rocks!

    Hit the nail on the head!
    Ill rep that!
  17. necro

    necro Cluckin' Up A Storm

    Yeah, i used to be that younger kid who would hang out with the older kids, but i wasnt a boastful fag about it, i had my friends and i was quiet about it. Well, that's because we were all pothead's, so i kept things D.L. anyway.

    But as for what Descent said, the little dude would have the upper hand. You ever see the fight scene in Austin Powers 2 with Mini-Me and Austin? Yeah, you watched Mini-Me run his face right into Austin's gecko.

    So I really don't consider myself to fit into that "Clique" if you will, because I wasn't the stereotypical immature fuck who felt big and was small. Well, it helped i've been at least 5'5 since i was 9, 5'10 now. :cathat:
  18. Nickds7

    Nickds7 Unprotected Sleeper

    Put the shorter person in his place if he trys to be tough, sometimes with those little fuckers if you just give them one hard punch (or not so hard) they will get scared and piss off..
  19. Mr sirius

    Mr sirius Very Sirius

    I just like too look down at them and tell em to grow two feet and to stop shitting me, otherwize i'll slash the tyers on their mini.
  20. dustinzgirl

    dustinzgirl Banned - What an Asshat!

    Ok, guys....

    CL is a physically scrawny person, but he has it where it counts.. We were at the fair and this big guy came right up to him amid a group of big people and started fucking with him specifically. Why? Because he was the smallest person in our group. Luckily, the cops broke it up before that no teeth red neck big asshole got his face smashed in by my scrawny man. So you know what, if you are a big guy who fucks with the little guy, I hope you get your ass beat.

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