My ex fiance and cousin called me to annouce they are now dating!

Discussion in 'Life Sucks' started by Ren3, Sep 5, 2011.

  1. Ren3

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    WTF! It was a difficult break up but fairly amicable in April last year. House settled in March this year. Cousin comforted me then moved interstate, coming back early this year. we hang out for a few weeks chatting about dating and life.

    My cousin is then seen out at a pub with the ex by a friend 2 nights after we had been out together. They actually spoke with the friend. Cousin doesn't call me at all to explain, so I confronted cousin who lies about how they got in contact and went out, got the truth by fronting up on the doorstep of the ex - she (cousin) contacted him on FB and asked to meet up. Told them both it's not ok, I want a fresh life, clean slate away from him. Please stay out of my life, including away from my family. 3 months later a phone call from ex to say they are together! From what I can tell from the whole fucking family now in the know....they ran into each other at a coffee shop!!! LIARS!!

    Why after not seeing your cousins ex for over a year would you search for them on FB and ask to catch up, lie about it then lie how you ended up together to the family?....all I can put it down to is deceit and alterior motive but apparently 'she didn't want to hurt me'. In a town of 4 million people, they had to hang out with eachother....and not respect my wishes. Selfish, lonely and insecure are my new names for them now. Quite a few others come to mind too.

    Liars can have eachother, but its hard letting go of my special aunt and uncle who don't deserve to be caught in between and have been there for me. Kiss goodbye to a few relatives and get on with lilfe! Thanks for this webspace to vent and get the TRUTH out there! I'm going to have something so much better...and soon (hopefully) :p
  2. vistascan

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    Stuff like this happens. While your Ex may have reason to try to get back at you, it's your cousin's behaviour that surprises me more. He should have stayed away respecting the fact that you are family. But then again what can you do. Best not to sulk about it and get back to other activities. Maybe finding someone of your own would help.
  3. Lioness

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    Ex's are that for a reason, usually. I have to wonder why you still believe anything said by your ex. It doesn't sound like the break was good between the two of you to begin with. I would be likely to believe my cousin before my ex. Obviously your cousin doesn't have an issue with your sloppy seconds. I had a cousin like that. Needless to say, I didn't get pissy or even remotely upset. I let her learn her life lesson. Which was she ended up having four kids by the guy and he wouldn't work, they ended up divorced.
  4. asininegenius

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    Women are just this way, and I don't mean to sound sexist, but if an ex were repulsed by your wanting to stick it in her butt, you can almost guarantee that the next man she fucks will get all that she never gave you. This is just one example of the fucked up shit women do to get revenge...even if you are not wise to the fact. In their mind, they're getting back at you.

    The most likely scenario is that they both had their eyes on each other while you two were together. Oh well. Fuck being pissed at your cousin. Forgive him. If you two had a good relationship, that's worth more than any piece of tail. Just don't go introducing your next chick to him, because obviously he speaks a little bit of pimp. Perhaps you should study the language yourself. Fuck it.
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  5. Centered

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    The cousin is a she.
  6. asininegenius

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    My bad. Well, men are no better. :whistle:
  7. Faust

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    If it's been more than a year, why the fuck do you still care? I mean, fuck. Seriously, is everyone this embittered when relationships end? What a stupid silly thing to get upset about.
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  8. MaxPower

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    Hey you know how cousins are. She won't give you anal, then next thing you know she's giving another cousin anal. They sure know how to get revenge. :rolleyes:
  9. asininegenius

    asininegenius Banned - What an Asshat!

    If that is a cryptic invitation to Thanksgiving at your family's house, I accept.
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  10. rub1out

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    Yeah, family reunions. AWKweeeerd.
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  11. Jason

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    West Virginia is for lovers! :)
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  12. BRiT

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    Look at the bright side, at least it's not your mom.
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  13. Dead Set

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    The only solution to this is a three-way.

    Smash your cousin's head in with a candlestick while she is getting anal from your ex.
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  14. Just give her an Alaskan pipeline if you want her back you pussy.
  15. Farceur

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    You would really wish to deny two people you know the opportunity for happiness, simply because one of them used to grind on your genitals? That strikes me as really stupid, selfish, and immature.
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  16. Ren3

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    My cousin was my friend and family. I dont' have feelings for my ex (him). Them fucking eachother has nothing to do with the betrayal of friends/family. I am / was angry that they had to lie about it all, whether to me or to the family it really doesn't matter. Lies do not help any situation and just break up family relationships. They may have gotten some respect from me if lies were not involved. If they do work out, good luck and I'm glad I could provide them this life. BTW, the cousin, aunt and uncle were the last family I had, so now I'm the one who is alone and will come back stronger to one day meet someone who will put me first. Life sucks for a little bit, and that was YESTERDAY!
  17. 53V3N

    53V3N Gone fission Staff

    Soooo... what you're saying is you're single?

    How you doin'?
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  18. asininegenius

    asininegenius Banned - What an Asshat!

    You still have them. Just get past this bullshit. Forgiveness takes more strength sometimes than stonewalling someone, and it's your family. :)
  19. MaxPower

    MaxPower Palms are sweaty, moms spagetti Staff

    *whispers to 53V3N - She might give you anal to get back at her Ex. ;)
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  20. Farceur

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    You know, having people who love you is a pretty rare thing, and shouldn't be taken for granted. You may want to consider the motivating factors in their lying to you about the situation. I mean, the way this thing is framed seems to imply that you're more upset at them for hooking up than you are at them for lying, and now you're just using the "lie" thing as a means of justification, or grasping at straws to remain mad after we've pointed out that it's a bit ridiculous to be mad at them for being together.

    Lying is not always unethical, or "bad" and it doesn't seem outside the realm of possibility that she genuinely believed this information could hurt you, that you weren't ready to hear it(as seems to be the case, evidenced by your reaction, honestly).

    Look, it's not like she pounced on your man while you were together, or even immediately after. They got together a full year later, and while I know that may not be enough time for you to have recovered completely, it seems, in the larger scheme, and considering that other people have their own lives, their own needs, and their own search for happiness, a fairly considerable and reasonably considerate length of time.

    I'm just saying, burning bridges over something of this nature seems a bit hasty and immature, motivated by a self-centered, non-introspective selfishness that is, honestly not at all justifiable. So you don't want to be around him. Good, don't for now. Don't worry about having to see him until the wedding invitation is in the mail, and even then, I doubt they will spend every minute of every day together, and who knows, maybe you'll really grow as a person and give him a chance to be your friend in the case of this extreme circumstance, given how much he means to someone you care about. I mean, I generally have found with my exes that I was attracted to them for a reason, even if I'm not any longer, and these reasons are generally attributes I find commendable, so wanting to be friends with them is not normally a stretch.
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