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Discussion in 'Brain Droppings' started by DirtyBird, Sep 28, 2007.

  1. DirtyBird

    DirtyBird Divides by Zero

    I use non-microwave safe plates in the microwave all the time. :eek:

    Am I poisoning the world? What's the difference. They seem to work fine. :confused:
  2. MentorX

    MentorX The Literate Ape

    You might be poisoning yourself or even worse, radiating yourself. If a plate has any metal in it and causes sparks, those sparks might cause a crack in the walls of the microwave.
  3. JLXC

    JLXC WTF's Official Conspiracy Fanatic

    I've accidentally used a few non-microwave plates that then fell apart. Plus some of them will melt.
  4. sugarsickness

    sugarsickness Mericuhn in Straya

    I've gotten a few cracks in plates and such. Most of the time they just get really really really friggin hot compared to normal plates.
  5. Ryan

    Ryan Banned - What an Asshat!

    Mine just get hot. Owell, looks like I'm going to die early.
  6. DirtyBird

    DirtyBird Divides by Zero

    Oops, I did it again!

    We're all gonna die. :(
  7. 3Dradio

    3Dradio I seriously never change this shit. Premium

    I tried to use a non-microwaveable plate one time to nuke a frozen burrito. The plate became blistering hot, but the burrito was still a blunt object with which I could have performed a violent crime.

    Also, some decorative plates are neither for use in microwaves nor human consumption. The inks in them can be toxic, even lead-based. I tried explaining that to my dumbass brother in law, but he just looked at me like he was...well...a dumbass, and proceeded to walk off with his not-for-food-use plate of food. To me, the idea is preposterous. A plate you can't eat from is like a house you can't live in or a car you can't drive. It has no worth or purpose whatsoever, other than to look pretty, and most of the time it only succeeds in looking tacky.

    Aside from the risk of radiated dinnerware, sparks, cracks, 3rd degree burns, Toxic Shock Syndrome, self-sterilization, and pissing out your own kidneys, non-microwaveable plates are relatively safe for use, but each person is responsible for his and/or her own actions.
  8. salty04

    salty04 Well-Known Member

    know what else isn't safe in the microwave: a shelled eggs, try it on an old crappy microwave and outside its fucking hilarous

    there are reasons for plate to not be micro-wave safe most having to do with the fact that they melt, however most china has metal around the edge that can cause arching (sparks) ruining both the microwave and the plate.

    newer microwaves may aren't as dangerous as the older ones, more features make shorts quicker and save the microwave and plate.

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