Sex with other people: Friends and Family... [2011+]

Discussion in 'Life Sucks' started by BRiT, May 1, 2011.

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  1. BRiT

    BRiT CRaZY Founder / Admin

    This is the definitive thread for talking about sex with other people... your friend, your sister, your dog, your best friends' brother and on and on. This thread is a sticky so you can talk about it here. Do not make another irksome, childish thread about it, please. Thank you.
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  2. BudVugger

    BudVugger Ein Männlein Steht Im Walde Premium

  3. diamond

    diamond The nice guy

    Is the prospect of sexual contact that doesn't merely involve masturbation quite that exciting or am I just a bit jaded know...'done it' before?
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  4. Centered

    Centered Well-Known Member

    Some people prefer to fap while reading I suppose........
  5. tuchmewhereipee

    tuchmewhereipee Ground control to Major Tom. Premium

    I have. I came.
  6. diamond

    diamond The nice guy

    I knew my message of safe sex is cybersex would finally work
  7. Faust

    Faust ...and I shall shed my light over dark evil.

    Sex is awesome! Amiright?
  8. BadEvilWrong

    BadEvilWrong I'd melt the world to stop with you.

    It's not completely safe. Leave it to a few of the people here to injure themselves in the middle of it
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  9. BudVugger

    BudVugger Ein Männlein Steht Im Walde Premium

    If I were to put my penis in my ass, would that be incest?
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  10. Dead Set

    Dead Set Kang of Pang Premium

    Masturbation, or a staring role in the all male cast of 'Grease II; Even Greasier.'
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  11. TastyTHC

    TastyTHC Member

    my penis just broke.. got any duck tape?
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  12. BadEvilWrong

    BadEvilWrong I'd melt the world to stop with you.

    You're going to need more than duct tape, bro. That shit needs to be vacuum sealed.
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  13. Jugular

    Jugular fuck you bitch and what you been through

    Well, uh, let's see.

    This chick, her sister, and two of her friends spent the night at my place last night. They needed a place to stay and I didn't want them going to some Jew's house.

    Now, I could tell you guys that I initiated a threesome with the girls who were sleeping in the guest room. Sadly, no.

    The older sister ends up climbing into my bed. I put my hand on her ass. She starts making out with me. She reaches down and begins giving me head. She's really aggressive. I can feel her teeth and tongue. Five-ish minutes later, I cum. The life has been sucked out of me. She keeps going, not even realizing what she just swallowed. I don't say anything. I lightly try to push her off me, but she is persistent. Her mouth suddenly becomes gross to me. By now I'm laughing, just because she reminds me of a drunk dog eating cereal. Finally, I scolded her. "OKAY. STOP."

    She rolls over.

    "You're not even going to let me finish? That's kind of weird."

    "Yeah, I guess it is, huh?"
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  14. I'm glad to finally have a guy with a sex drive to match mine. Sex 4 times before we even get out of bed? Immediately upon waking my hand goes to your wang? Yes, please, and thank you.
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  15. 3Dradio

    3Dradio I seriously never change this shit. Premium

    I lol'd.
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  16. pissed 'n horny

    pissed 'n horny Tenderonies.

    Sex with Bud,

    He's old but he's reliable, He ain't never flooded no matter how much gas you give him and he may not be fancy and he may have a few rust stains but he'll get you where yer goin'. He's fun to take muddin and he ain't never gotten stuck in thick brush. He handels well over rocky terrain and if you hit a deer on the highway he's got a spacious trunk so you's not to waste good meat.
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  17. Coa

    Coa Whore free since 2010. Premium

    This year I've had sex with myself.

    I am just dissatisfied that I never call myself the day after so I can ignore the call and send it to voicemail.
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  18. DeSade

    DeSade boing boing whoosh

    I interacted with someone during my trip. And I shouldn't have. So that's lovely.

  19. rub1out

    rub1out Get 'em up against the wall. Premium

    Is this a subtle way of saying you go Brazilian? That's outstanding. :)

    Hope you wrapped that jimmy, young lad. Purple bumps and strange discharge can be a motherfucker. :cautious:
  20. DeSade

    DeSade boing boing whoosh

    The interaction didn't require a condom, but it'll be mildly hilarious if I ever get an STD. Irony and all that.
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