Headlines very bad things can turn out good over time??

Discussion in 'News & Debate' started by johnny kuntz, Sep 13, 2004.

  1. johnny kuntz

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    Take a very large distance and let time do the job.

    Anyone remember Hiroshima? lots of innocent poeple died in a hearthbeat. years later people are stil dying. all because of one big badass bomb.

    but the great thing about hiroshima is that it showed the world who is the most powerfull nation, America.

    For real, there is just no way to justify an action like that. Oh so wrong, but I think it was just what the world needed at that point in time.

    back to the 'russian hostage drama'
    Maybe, just maybe, because of this horrible action in the next couple of years, things change and the region wil turn out pretty good or atleast in peace.

    again: I don't defend child murdering terrorist's

    Sometimes weird and/or horrible things can create something good over time.

    isnt it great that they were all burned down?
    (bad example)

    Iam wondering if anyone can come up with some good ones. I know, mine sucks, but thats my job. :thumbsup:

    My knowledge of history is not very good, so if you know of an gruesome event in the past that turned out for the good years later, let me know.

  2. Jung

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    you sir are an
  3. WhiskeyBoy

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    A very good friend of my, and her 3 best friends. ( All on the Girls Varisty Basketball team in their small town) Killed in car crash, when drunk ass in a pickup head-ons them! Entire state in shock . . . Entire region in mourning . . . Entire town goes back to church! For the price of 4 beautiful teenage girls lives, a small town in Texas went back to church. If fact they had to build a new church, the small one in the town couldn't handle all the people showing up for services.
  4. johnny kuntz

    johnny kuntz Top Flamer

    dude, wrong board.
  5. johnny kuntz

    johnny kuntz Top Flamer

    terrable accident brings poeple back to church.

    In a non sadistic way.. nice one.
  6. Fugly

    Fugly Flame Bait

    hmmmm.....I would probably trade 6 enitre towns of not going to church for 4 teenage girls to still be alive. In fact i would say that if CHristianity disapeared forever that would be a decent trade for the ladies lives.
  7. WhiskeyBoy

    WhiskeyBoy Host of WhiskeyBoy Radio!

    Hmmmm.... I can't disagree with that more! But, nice to know that I could be wrong!
  8. johnny kuntz

    johnny kuntz Top Flamer

    interesting point you got there, fugly.

    'If you rape this 14year old girl right now, there wil never be anyone ever raped again in the world forever.'

    would you do it? would you save the world from rapers?
  9. MaxPower

    MaxPower Palms are sweaty, moms spagetti Staff

    No that's a good point. You're talking about "prosperity from adversity". The idea that something good can come from bad events. There are many examples of that smaller ones and larger examples such as you mentioned.
  10. FUBAR

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    amen to that!
  11. r4ck3r

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    Operation Iraqi Freedom: as of now things are bad...

    What shall be good? More great war movies and video games :D
  12. MaxPower

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    That's a good moral/philosophical dilema.
  13. tzedek

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  14. johnny kuntz

    johnny kuntz Top Flamer

    like I said, my knowledge of history is not very good, but I think in that period of time superpowers like russian, japan, germany, america were emerging and in competition.
    The world needed some sort of stability, america won. thats all. or would russian be a better choice?

    its easy to post a smilie, speak your mind.
  15. MaxPower

    MaxPower Palms are sweaty, moms spagetti Staff

    I just found out something that supports the theory of good coming from adversity.
    We had 3 people here with deaths in the family at the end of last week.
    2 of the owners and an operations manager.
    Due to the deaths in their family, we are not going to have our weekly 8:00 AM management meeting. Which means I don't have to wake up at 5:30AM tomorrow.
  16. tzedek

    tzedek Original Member

    well i thought becuase of your first statement that you meant America is the most powerful nation in the world now. I would agree that back then that did show the world who was the most powerful nation. Or least the one that would launch a nuclear strike. I think the whole Hiroshema and Nagasaki situation is horrible and never should have happened. People say "Well now a days it would be wrong but it was the right thing to do back then". No, it wasnt right then to kill 200,000 people and no, it wouldnt be right now either.
  17. johnny kuntz

    johnny kuntz Top Flamer

    hm, when america dropped the bomb, the world faced the horror of nuclear power. suddenly we became consious about the responsibility we had to carry when dropping such bombs.

    I think I'm not the only one when I say I'am glad america was the first and not adolf hitler.
    he would have loved the power and dropped one where ever, whenever.
  18. MaxPower

    MaxPower Palms are sweaty, moms spagetti Staff

    was an enormously terrible thing, it did however bring a war that would have killed millions more; to a rapid end. Japan surrendered only a couple days later.
    Now look at them. After all the reconstruction dollars, that were pumped in there, and the radical change in attitude that the H-Bomb gave them. They're a leading world economic power. They're actually luck it happened. (In a morbid kind of way). Instead of trying to take over other peoples land by force, they just buy it.
  19. MaxPower

    MaxPower Palms are sweaty, moms spagetti Staff

    OMG. imagine that?

    Funny thing is what they didn't know is those were the only 2 we had that were operational.
  20. johnny kuntz

    johnny kuntz Top Flamer

    another 'great' example.

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