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  1. S

    Americans rarely know how to drive

    Heading home on the freeway there are 3 lanes almost completely open, but some @____*! with a license is doing 69mph in the left lane and everyone always have to underpass them, because the pima facia speed is 78mph! It is too easy to get a license in this country. If it were more like England...
  2. JLXC

    Discuss Communism in America and the "Left"

    I personally think both sides are equally corrupt, but it seems the NWO picked the Democrats to lead the way. The corruption accepted within the Democratic party is beyond belief. While I'm not "on the right", I can see how this agenda is being put forth by the "liberals". Mainly college...
  3. TheRover

    Discuss No, the Syrian war isn't America's fault "In Iraq we toppled the government...
  4. RebelBuddha

    Discuss To the Economic Collapse crowd

    I was having a Discussion elsewhere. Remarking on: "What would happen if there were an economic collapse in America?" I had my own thoughts on the subject and I wouldn't want the conversation to start on that note, but I'm curious what you all thought would actually happen on a local, National...
  5. Jung

    Headlines Who Voted for War With Zimbabwe? Iran?

    According to the Washington Post, President Bush believes his reelection constitutes a "ratification" of his "approach toward Iraq." Far from being "ratified" in the rest of the world – including the United Kingdom – Bush's "approach toward Iraq" has given rise to concerns about the current...