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  1. sofatyrant

    Gaming Unnatural order of things (GAMING and ANIME)

    During the course of two months I've learned that doing certain things in a not so orderly order has provided me with a ramification that is hard to describe. I have recently gotten into a series that have so far escaped my attention due to various circumstances. The series of which I speak...
  2. animetittes999

    my girlfriend is yuri????? (I DONT KNOW HOW TO MAKE POST)

    so i love boobs xDDDDDDDDDD thats why i love anime!!!! lolololol ^_^ but one time i was watching strawberry panic and i was with my girlfriend (she has nice tits XD) and i was getting rly horny cuz the girls were like "onee-sama!!" LOL but anyway so my girlfriend was watching it with me and she...