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  1. Cringe

    Social Anxiety

    Sometimes when I leave the house I feel anxious from all the social interactions. Somehow this felt like the right place to ask for advice?
  2. P


    I go to school. I am all prepared and ready. I am very happy with myself. I enter my classroom. My friend wants to work with on my classwork. We work together and we are talking with each other (on topic). This girl then asks me if I can be quiet, then this other girl says that she means to shut...
  3. societyisatrap

    Can't seem to be happy... Ever. Dafuq is wrong with me?

    I used to be a buzzing and energetic child, very confident and happy around others, never thought much of the wider society. But now I'm over-conscious, I overthink things and feel nervous/anxious about life, recently I have been a lot better but I still can't manage to feel happy or...