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  1. ThisIsBananas

    Fucking ran out of gas!

    I swear, on Friday I parked my car with 1/4 tank of gas. Today I went to drive to the store and my car wouldn't start. The check engine light came on too. I swear to god, it sounds like I ran out of gas when I attempt to start up the car. Did my gas evaporate? Because I did the research and...
  2. Pink star dust

    Am i the only one??

    Am I the only person who shouts "fucking asshole" while I'm in the car with someone else who's driving?? So many dim witted mother fuckers whom I swear got their drivers licence in a stupid dumb cunt contest.
  3. MuttonChopMan

    I think I broke my f'king car

    Yep So, here I am, trying to teach myself mechanics by doing simple shit to my vehicle. All is going pretty well for the most part.I drive a '94 buick lesabre. Not a bad vehicle, and I actually enjoy working on the damn thing, so cool, maybe I can get paid to do it one day. I learned to change...