cell phones

  1. pissed 'n horny

    Switch phone, which phone?

    I'm in the market or a new cellular divice and it's been forever since I've bought a phone. I have an iPhone now and I'm NOT buying another one. Do you guys have recommendations? Complaints? Anything that will help me buy a smart phone that will do what I need and not have to be repurchased in a...
  2. Jason

    Cellphone radiation study finds mixed effects in rodents, no clear implications for humans

    The long-awaited results of a $25 million National Institutes of Health study on the effects of cellphone radio-frequency radiation exposure on animals is out, and the results are mixed. They showed a higher risk of tumors, DNA or tissue damage, and lower body weight in some groups of rodents...
  3. Jason

    Your Hot Hands Can Give Away Your Smartphone PIN

    If you were protecting your smartphone passcode from someone lurking over your shoulder, or from unseen security cameras, you might cover the screen as you tap in the PIN’s four or six digits. But once you’ve unlocked the phone, perhaps you’d let down your guard, and leave the screen in full...
  4. HeliosHyperion

    Android and Such

    Anyone doing Android development? I have a few questions if someone feels like answering. :)