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  1. TooSmartGuile

    Fxcking Weirdo at My College

    I was washing my clothes in another dormitory and while in the elevator I heard a camera sound effect from the guy's phone. He likely snapped a picture of my socks and sandals, because no one take a selfie in your average elevator. Now, if he's one of the foot fags, I'm willing to forgive him...
  2. TooSmartGuile

    I'm so scared of Calculus

    I'm a CS major at my college and right now, I'm struggling with my calc 1 class. I have a test Monday and we're taking the subjects from applications of derivatives to integral substitution. I'm so slow that I couldn't solve 9 problems in 70 minutes, which is how long I have to take that test...
  3. TooSmartGuile

    How do WTFers deal with college/uni/post-secondary?

    I was just wondering how you all deal with life in college. More so for looking for pointers.
  4. Jacaranda

    Living in a College Dorm...Enough Said

    Hello! My name is Jacaranda. I'm 18, F., and a freshman at a university somewhere in Arizona. I joined because I need a way to get the trials of dorm life off my chest. I can't talk to people in my hall because stuff gets around, and my parents and boyfriend are probably getting sick of my...