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  1. JLXC

    Fringe Interesting collection of Events to Watch

    Obviously lots of people have opinions on things and events. There are some people worried that there will be a major false flag to start the full takeover of the USA, in the streets. Here's some people who are not me who have opinions. Just a heads up in case there's a few awake WTFers.
  2. JLXC

    Fringe Which Conspiracies do I believe in?

    Not a complete list, just off my head. Planet X = No Galactic Alliance/All UFO Councils and such = No Federal Reserve = Yes Bigfoot = Undecided Loch Ness Monster = Unlikely Vampires/Werewolves/Shapechangers = No Aliens = Not as presented Rothschild Zionist Central Bank = Yes Islam trying to...
  3. Fÿn

    Headlines Kennedy's assassination files to be released I don't believe they are going to release the stuff that really...
  4. -=iNsANe=-ADJ

    Offbeat The Anti-Vax Plague (pun not intended)

    In the last years there have been lots of controversies about vaccines, that lead the Italian Government to rise the amount of mandatory vaccinations from four to twelve, mainly because many "informed" parents decided to not vaccinate their kids. There are reports of eradicated diseases that are...
  5. MaxPower

    Offbeat Children being shipped to Mars as slaves

    So the latest news from Infowars is that NASA has been shipping kids to Mars for the past two decades to serve as slaves. What kind of nation would let this happen? It's an outrage! According to Robert David Steele, a former CIA officer who appeared on Alex Jones’ show this week, NASA had been...
  6. Transcendas One

    Fringe Researching: Hollow Earth

    Hello All, Before you decide I'm a nutcase, because of the thread name, hear me out. I'm a writer, researcher with blogs on 3 sites, 2 pages on FB, and over a decade of researching for the truth. I recently started diving into this theory (realizing much of anything in life is but a theory)...
  7. Rook

    Fuck the Robots

    Every single time I log on there are 15-17 robots online. They're logged on, doing god knows what, and of course neither @Jason nor @BRiT will tell us anything. I'm starting to think that these robots are there to control our posts and/or our minds. It sounds crazy, sure, but ask yourself...