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  1. Jason

    Offbeat Woman broke into home, pet the family dog, washed the dishes and left

    VINTON COUNTY, Ohio — A woman was arrested and charged with burglary after sheriff’s officials said she broke into a home in Hamden, Ohio on Monday morning, May 6. Officials with the Vinton County Sheriff’s Office said around 9 a.m., deputies arrived and spoke with an individual who said a...
  2. Rick Sanchez

    This Opioid Crisis

    For some of you this may hit closer to home than others, but up until last year this epidemic of overdose deaths never hit close to home for me. Coincidentally several years ago when I saw the numbers running up at insane rates (400% for some states) I decided to focus most of my history studies...
  3. Jung

    Discuss On drugs, use, abuse and policy

    What are your views on illicit drugs? Have/do you use them? What are your views on policy? Anyone that's been around a while should know that I like to party on occasion. Despite our cultural narrative that drug use leads to depravity and loss of productivity, I feel I'm a fairly ethical...
  4. S

    Anyone ever heard of whiterock opium?

    A buddy of mine was telling me about this "White Rock Opium" and how freakishly wonderful it was. We checked up on it on the site in my sig, which tells pretty much everything about every drug, and even they have no idea what it is. Anyone have any idea at all what the hell it is?
  5. TwisT

    Offbeat Arnold puffing the magic dragon!

    Of course this is the governor of my great home state of Cali! This cracks me up! Smokes like it's nothin and records it! and to this day, ain't afraid of it! :thumbsup: CLIK!