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  1. TheRover

    Discuss No Deal Brexit

    We are increasingly at odds with the fourth reich, sorry I mean European union over the Brexit plan and it looks as though there will be no Brexit plan. This is an ongoing story that never ends.. they are just going to dump us in the mud, our motorway is going to be turned into a lorry holding...
  2. Jason

    Offbeat 'Deodorant Challenge' leaves teen with second-degree burns

    A 15-year-old girl in England was left with horrific burns after deodorant was sprayed on her in the latest school craze. Jamie Prescott, 42, said her daughter Ellie may need a skin graft after taking part in "The Deodorant Challenge" with her South Gloucestershire classmates. The game...
  3. JLXC

    Discuss Meanwhile in the Former UK

    Two German girls, aged 14 and 16, were allegedly raped in Berlin by six men. Mohammad S. and his buddy Wael I., are accused of gang rape among other things. During the act 22 photos and videos were made, Germany’s Bild reports. The two young girls were abused by six men who are from the city’s...
  4. TheRover

    Discuss Are you a kipper? UKIP: UK Independent Party

    To those who are not from uk, ukip are the uk independance party led by nigel farage, we are anti european union, anti immigration, we are making waves in british politics. For a long time ukip and our leader nigel farage was mocked and made fun of by the gutter press and tories and labour and...