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  1. J

    My dad won't let me be gay. :(

    So I've been gay for a few weeks, after discovering my attraction to other boys at school. I snuck my new boyfriend up in my room late at night, and my dad caught us having sex! He kicked my boyfriend out and yelled at me, calling me a faggot and punched me repeatedly face, arm, and chest. He...
  2. K

    I want to kick my sister's ass

    Warning : Long post Just need to get this off my chest! my sister has been making my life worse and not only me but my parents too, she always wants to put me down make me feel terrible about myself. call me names such as B*tch, Ugly Wh*re and whatnot. she always wants me to believe that im...
  3. S

    Stupid Family

    I have one Aunt that no matter what you do , weather its good or bad she turns it into some of the biggest drama ever. Her son lives with me and if we make plans for holidays she waits till last minute to plan something and then gives him the guilt trip about it and runs her mouth when he...
  4. A

    Can anyone relate to my situation ?

    I've always hated my stepmom. I wasn't invited to their wedding. I'm like what the hell does she have against me ? Now I have too live here full time until I'm 18 which is next year. I'm sick of her bitching at me and blaming me for things I didn't do. She thinks she's all that and acts like...
  5. TooSmartGuile

    The TV

    I hate the new TV we got. So fuckin' much! One would say that TV is great and why would I have a hate for a TV? Well... Recently, my aunt sent my mother a new TV better than the one before because now we have a "smart" TV. This TV has access to the internet and, extensively, access to Youtube...
  6. J

    my stepmother is a b****ing person

    my dad had a stroke not too long ago and had to be in rehab for his stroke to help him well my sister called my stepmother up and told her she was going to the rehab center to see my dad and see if he was doing ok my stepmother called her a f***ing whore and told her she could not see our dad...
  7. L

    My mom is an asshole.

    I'm sure you are all well aware of the earthquake in Chile this morning, so I'll skip the shit and go on with the rant. I'm skyping with my dad telling him about the whole earthquake thing. The subject changes to a car he's going to send next month (or was going to send, whatever), so he...