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  1. Gone-A-Ria

    Spanking ass is a sex crime

    My boyfriend wanted to get more kinky in bed, so we started role playing. He was the teacher, and I was the little girl in third grade. I got in trouble for talking back in class, so he pushes me into the bed and starts slapping my buttocks as hard as possible. It left bruises, and it hurt me...
  2. JLXC

    Flat Earth

    Why can people see things that should be far below the curvature using the science as we know it? 8 inches per mile squared. That's 8 inches times number of miles multiplied by itself. So 10 miles = 8 inches x 100 for 800 inches. So the pictures and videos (there are thousands with more...
  3. Jason

    Movies Annihilation (2018) - Natalie Portman

    What do you think of this one? Looks interesting...