forum games

  1. Vampire

    Would You Rather...

    Not a very original idea for a game thread, as it's been done before, but I thought it would be fun to have it here on The WTF!? Forum. I don't think that this game thread needs much explaining, but I'll still do so just in case: A user simply says something like "Would you rather be cold or...
  2. ThisIsBananas

    I Am Better Than You Game [2018+]

    I saw the original game and it was locked. I'm remaking it. Rules: 1. You have to respond to the person above you 2. You have to type "I am better than [above poster] because [reason why you are better]". 3. I'll start because I'm the first. I am better than this forum because I actually...
  3. Jason

    Arriving in the middle of a joke...

    Let's pretend we arrived in the middle of a joke. We only hear a piece of it, but what a piece it is... I'll start... "He replied, "Whatever do you mean? I have to shave my frogs at least twice a day!"
  4. pissed 'n horny

    Name that tune

    or... What fisters thread should have been. Post lyrics to a song, someone guesses the song and posts new lyrics for the next player. Just don't use google. I mean you could no one would know. Just don't, you ass. I'll start. "Without love in the dream it will never come true"
  5. MisterFister

    Name The Next Scary Enemy

    I've been appointed marketing director for a Big Oil and Military Industrial Complex Conglomerate so I decided to go to the people for a Name The Next Scary Enemy game. ISIS will be worn out soon enough so were gonna need a fresh one to keep all you plebeians terrified, dormant and buying shit...
  6. jujubee


    Who said, "You dirty rat!"--circa 1932 *If you can answer it, please leave another.
  7. jujubee

    ~Who Am I?~

    Post any pic of somebody we could be expected to know, doesn't have to be an actor or anything; whoever. When you guess it, please leave one behind.
  8. CrazyToaster

    Keep one, junk one.

    So here's the concept: I say a two word phrase. Next poster keeps one word and junks the other, adding another word to create a new phrase. Example: If I say "junk food" the next poster could say "junk mail". I'll start with whipped cream!
  9. skroo'd

    Marry, Fuck, Kill

    Well known game, it shouldn't need too much direction. Give your two cents and try to come up with one if you can. First up. Bruce Lee, Bruce Springsteen, Bruce Willis
  10. dustinzgirl

    I never....

    Had an appletini. You get the idea.
  11. BRiT

    The Final Countdown ...

    Feel free to post up any countdowns you feel like. As DB stated, NO CONTEXT to the countdown is allowed. 3 ... 2 ...
  12. Bitch


    The rules are very simple. You are in a bar and all you are expected to do is be creative in a fight. This game can be as raunchy as you want it to be. The only limitations are no killing anyone and no causing paralysis. That person needs to be able to fight back or join in with the bar fight...
  13. Danni

    Make an Unsubstantiated Claim About the Poster Above You.

    Yeah, Jung should know where this idea came from. :tongue: Rules are simple. Post something untrue about the poster above you. Make it funny or serious. It doesn't matter. Just as long as it's not true.
  14. lady victoria

    Using letters A to Z, each once, complete these words:

    *e*er **eue **o ma* *p*a*e* *erso* ***k*am*on *ouse *a* *ur* ***igent
  15. CopyLifted

    Words within a word

    Here's something to pass the time away. It's easy. I'll start by posting a word and you must find 3 words within the word. Then the next person that posts the 3 words adds a word for the next poster to find 3 words. Whatever word you add must have 3 words within that word. The word can have...
  16. N

    Answer question, ask question

    Simple instructions: answer the question of the post before you and ask a question for the next poster. Ask whatever question you want and give whatever answer you wish to give. I'll start. Why am I so gay?
  17. Awaken

    Change the Letter

    SCUM Presents: Change the Letter Alright, in this game we'll start with one word and we'll change one letter at a time. Until someone gets stuck, of course. I received this idea from one of those gay ass chain letters and decided to post it here. =/ Example: Fuck Suck Starting...
  18. Stardust

    You're so...

    I thought up this game, someone has already propably come up with it...but I think it may be fun :happysad: the game is that you say to the person above ex.. "youre so thin you, you can't go on a crack because youll fall in between"
  19. Canadian Pyro

    Last post wins!

    This thread is stolen directly from another site, but it should be cool here too. It's simple: whoever makes the last post wins. So, that means I win, for I have the last post! :p Officially the longest thread ever! Take that, Word Association! HA! :p
  20. Tostig

    New Game- Limericks

    Write a limerick about the person that's posted above you. Since there's nobody above me, i'll pick someone at random... the next person has to make one up about me, so on and so forth. Jason is a dirty son of a whore He made us think WTF was no more We whined and we cried And died a...