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  1. Tip251

    My Co-Worker insist we are best friends.

    So at my place of employment for the past 7 years I have a co-worker whom I've become close with. He's a really good friend but at the same time this man grinds my nerves. He has a lot of mental issues and perceives me as his "BEST FRIEND," cancelling out the idea of any other friend that I...
  2. TooSmartGuile

    Acquaintance Unrequited

    I went shopping a bit early for Christmas Dinner and while I was there, I saw an old acquaintance from middle and high school. We go to the same college, but we don't speak much. I did, however, wanted to exchange some courtesy hellos and that's all. "Hey, ______", is all I say and I get nothing...
  3. K

    Ugh! I am too young for all this drama in my life!

    I had this guy, I’ve known for years, we finally become friends, I screwed up so bad! I regret it, But that was along time ago! He is ignoring me now! And he hates me. He’s rude too. He use to not be! Whyyyyy
  4. P


    I go to school. I am all prepared and ready. I am very happy with myself. I enter my classroom. My friend wants to work with on my classwork. We work together and we are talking with each other (on topic). This girl then asks me if I can be quiet, then this other girl says that she means to shut...