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  1. Jason

    Gaming Intellivision Amico - Launching in 2020!

    Intellivision, the home video game console that first launched in 1979, is planning a comeback in a new, family-friendly format. The modernized platform, called Amico, will include the original’s iconic omni-directional disc as well as a full-color touchscreen on each controller. The expected...
  2. Jason

    Retro Game Room Paint Color Ideas

    So, I'm creating a brand new RETRO game room (i'm switching rooms from my old one). What color should I start with that works well with 70s, 80s, 90s gaming? There is a chair rail in the room, do I do the top and bottom different? Do I do an accent wall? Thoughts?
  3. BRiT

    Gaming Claybook

    For those looking for a new gaming experience or to support smaller game studios, I highly suggest checking out the game Claybook from a small developer Second Order. It's available as Steam Early Access and just released on the Xbox Game Preview today. The price is extremely reasonable at $15...
  4. sofatyrant

    Gaming Unnatural order of things (GAMING and ANIME)

    During the course of two months I've learned that doing certain things in a not so orderly order has provided me with a ramification that is hard to describe. I have recently gotten into a series that have so far escaped my attention due to various circumstances. The series of which I speak...
  5. Stardust

    American Supernatural in the distant future

    I couldn't sleep last night, was lazily watching this show on netflix "American supernatural", ghost stories told in a real dramatic boring way. It got me thinking though. The ghosts are always old, atleast 100 year old. So what happens in the future then? "There's a ghost in this house! He's...
  6. Jason

    Gaming Oldest video game system you still have?

    As many of you know, I'm really into retro gaming and got into collecting years ago... The oldest console I have right now is probably the original Atari 2600 Heavy Sixer from 1977. I have over 40 systems right now (not including handhelds that date back to the Tomy ones in the 1970s), but...