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  1. JLXC

    Discuss Gun Control going to Confiscation

    “We don’t want to take away your guns. The government isn’t coming to confiscate your guns. We just want ‘common sense gun safety’ laws” is what we’re constantly being told by liberal anti-gun politicians and activists. But now, King County in Washington state has opened up a “weapons retrieval”...
  2. S


    An ambitious title for an ambitious post. I was never one for much small-talk, so I’ll jump straight into the thick of it. Where has gunpowder gotten us? It has given us nothing but war and, inevitably, death. We are sprayed with its black powder, and the darkness seeps into our skin as much...
  3. S

    WTF! I can't draw guns!

    One of my favorite hobbies is drawing firearms. All kinds. From bolt-actions to shotguns to revolvers to assault rifles to rocket launchers to muskets. Even knives, grenades, anything you could find in a war or a hunter's shed. I go to a school. Mascot is panther. Apparently, I cannot draw...