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  1. BooGoo1002


    I am not any certain sort of religion. I am more spiritual. If you don't know the difference, I don't follow a bible or any organized religion of any sort. I know the the bible was made by humanity over hundreds of years and hundreds of different versions, ideals, and proclamations. I dearly...
  2. -=iNsANe=-ADJ

    What made you smile today? [2017]

    A customer (patient?), yesterday. C: I have to take a chest x-ray. Me: it's €40. C: I left my wallet at home. Me: I can't go on then, I need you to pay in advance. C: can't you make me take the x-rays and pay when I get the results? Me: I'm afraid I can't, management office gave me directions...
  3. YogurtExplosion

    Apparently I'm a very angsty person.

    I'm usually in a bad mood and always tried to find ways to be a happier person, but nothing ever worked. Today I was pissed off at a rude person and couldn't let it go, until I started watching a Youtube video of teenagers listening to old 90s TV theme songs and trying to identify them. The...