1. D

    I'm so far beyond perversion i don't even know how to fix it anymore. I'm sick.

    So I'm a relatively young dude , and i've been mentally ill for a long time. I've been busting my ass off to fix what can be fixed. I beat depression , close to beating social anxiety , went back to school etc... you get the picture. Thing is , these are all issues i felt like i could talk...
  2. gaspardm

    I can't understand love

    I've been in love for 6 months with a girl (I'm a male). I didn't talked to her for 2 months because she was ignoring me (lel she was just considering me like anyone); she asked me why I was like that with her, I didn't answered. She didn't care. In my personnal diary (where I write when in a...
  3. QuietQuilla

    ShoutOuts Explanation?

    Um . . do we just sit there? or . . what, sorry i really dot know i saw what looked to be a text line but i cannot used it unless it's just one of those thing i cant use yet cause im new . . . yeah . . any help?
  4. K

    Gibson LPM 2015 or Schecter Blackjack SLS Sustaniac Without Floyd Rose

    So I play Guitar and I low key shred/play metal (Megadeth, Metallica, Avenged Sevenfold, Lamb of God Etc.) but recently I've been looking at moving towards a more bluesy sound and I'm in the process of starting an old style rock and roll band kinda ACDC guns n roses led zeppelin style but I...
  5. Jason

    Multi-Quote and Post Editing on

    One of the most frequently underutilized features on our site is multi-quoting. Below is a helpful video tutorial, provided by 53V3N. If you like what you see, be sure to subscribe to our official YouTube channel where we will post more helpful (and funny) goodness! Enjoy...
  6. Taylor_Blade

    A How-To For Newbies

    Hello Newbie. Welcome to Upon first joining the site, you'll be in a probationary period with limited functionality. You can post, choose an avatar, etc. However, there are many features you will not be able to access (such as posting links, signatures, etc). Once you participate on...
  7. HoneyImHome

    How to Become rich and famous on WTF?!

    Hey, I just shared this as a pm with a noob here and thought I should share it with others. Since people are ready to pounce on this site, especially at "noobs" let me share some tips or suggestions rather. Many here are atheists, and deem themselves "intellectuals" because of it. They don't...