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  1. BRiT

    Headlines Everyone finally banning toxic InfoWars and Alex Jones Twitter banned far-right conspiracy theorist Alex Jones and his website InfoWars from its platform Thursday afternoon, a month after several of its Silicon Valley counterparts did so. In a series of...
  2. ThisIsBananas

    Fringe Alex Jones caught watching trans porn, gets embarrassed and denies it.

    Part 1: Alex Jones hating on transgendered people and gets caught looking at trans porn: Part 2: Somebody calls Alex Jones asking about the trans porn. Alex Jones gets embarrassed and denies it.
  3. Jason

    Headlines YouTube removes ads from InfoWars’ Alex Jones channel but says it has no plans to delete it

    As YouTube continues in its efforts to crack down harder on content that violates its terms of usage and promotes offensive and/or misleading content, it’s found itself in the fake news crossfire this weekend. After a video and some advertisers were removed from YouTube channels controlled by...
  4. MaxPower

    Offbeat Children being shipped to Mars as slaves

    So the latest news from Infowars is that NASA has been shipping kids to Mars for the past two decades to serve as slaves. What kind of nation would let this happen? It's an outrage! According to Robert David Steele, a former CIA officer who appeared on Alex Jones’ show this week, NASA had been...