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  1. ThisIsBananas

    Stupid people.

    I'm really tired of getting mad at stupid people on Reddit and Facebook. All I can do is shake my head and try not to rage, but I rage anyway. Fake rumors and fighting all over the fucking place every single fucking day. I just want quality content, and most of it is clickbait and flame wars...
  2. JLXC

    Tired of being Blocked/Banned

    I've learned not to use the foul language at most places online, and I have learned what PC words lead to bans. I have tried to adapt to keep an online presence. Over the last few years I have had several stints where I was "censored" online. I've had many posts go away, no biggie, I've been...
  3. Nadabitch

    Facebook is dead

    Facebook is hella lame. No one shares good music, or exchanges useful information. It seems to just be a place where people go to share political shit and cry about their lives. Which is lame because I feel like it could be used for so much more than just that. For example, how to fix devices...
  4. A

    Just Got Chat Banned for Defending Myself

    Jesus fucking Christ. I've been chat banned... again! OMFG. Where to begin? So... There's this company called "Wargaming" (WG). They make games such as World of Tanks, World of Warplanes, and World of Warships. (Notice a pattern?) The games aren't too bad. There's some flaws. Overall they are...
  5. Jung

    Are you against Net Neutrality? Let's talk.

    I want to understand why you think it's a bad idea to protect competition.
  6. Jason

    U.S. Senate votes to overturn Obama broadband privacy protections

    The U.S. Senate on Thursday voted narrowly to repeal regulations requiring internet service providers to do more to protect customers' privacy than websites like Alphabet Inc's Google (GOOGL.O) or Facebook Inc (FB.O). The vote was along party lines, with 50 Republicans approving the measure and...
  7. Victoria Lara

    Other A Slender Man Discussion

    Alright so we all know who slender man is, right? If you don't, well, he's this guy. Well you probably get the point. What my question is, could slender man be real? Give me some theories people!!!!!
  8. BudVugger

    How fast are you?

    Stole this from another forum. - The Global Broadband Speed Test When test finishes, you will see in the results section a "copy forum link" , click that and paste here. So what cha got? *Speed test is legit, the link on the page for turbo charge your PC is an...