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  1. shames-demise

    Headlines help me find the racism?

    all workers that assemble cars will now have a minimum wage of 16 dollars an hour. this includes mexico. a good day for minorities is a sad day for lefties.
  2. B

    I just quit my job. Now what?

    I finally got sick of the politics at work that I decided to send in my resignation letter. It shocked my coworker. Quite frankly, I'm surprised too. But a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do. Do I have a plan? No. But I'd rather quit than to stay there any longer. Fuck you, bitch! I'm no...
  3. B

    New job not possible????

    I've been looking for a new job for FAR too long. I can't quit my job until I get a new one. And I even offered to stay until the new person that replaces me gets trained. But no - both from my current employer as well as my potential employer. Situations like these frustrate the hell out of me...
  4. ThisIsBananas

    I hate my fucking job.

    I got this stupid temporary job to help pay off some debt. The people here whine so fucking much. 9 hours a days of listening to people bitch about their job, and backstab other people to make themselves look better. They do basic work, and they think they are smarter than everybody else...
  5. TooSmartGuile

    Why people want to raise the minimum wage so badly...

    It's because we no longer live in a society where a majority of its members work skilled jobs. Since the '80s, those skilled labor jobs have gone outside the country, leaving of to eventually become a service economy rather than an industrial one. Many services are minimum wage. Usually, I hear...
  6. A

    Boss Rant

    So have you ever worked your ass of for someone earning him millions but get a salary you can barely survive on?? So more about my Nazi boss. So initially i met him on a job ( I work in Construction) and my field of study happened to be his area of expertise, after countless meetings a job...
  7. Shanananaaa

    Driving for Lyft.

    So, for the past two weeks, I've been driving for Lyft. It's been a very interesting experience. Interesting and also holy shit the miles I have put on my car already. Some days it feels like I'm just driving a bunch of friends home. Other days I get a bunch of grumps and obnoxious drunks. Some...
  8. A

    Failing to go Pro

    I can't shake off my depression at the moment. So I guess I'll rant about my failure at life. People seem to hate long backstories, so I'll try to be brief. In the 1980's, video games were my entire life. I lived in a rural area with little entertainment... besides video games. Cable television...
  9. O

    Maybe there's a mystery job for me?

    Hoi! I'm kind of tired of working in retail. I'm tired of kid boogers. I'm tired of lazy schlumps leaving tornado-esque devastation on a daily basis. I'm tired of fake smiling at people while they yell at me over missing a sale or return policy date by a week. I've been doing it for the better...