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  1. D

    I'm so far beyond perversion i don't even know how to fix it anymore. I'm sick.

    So I'm a relatively young dude , and i've been mentally ill for a long time. I've been busting my ass off to fix what can be fixed. I beat depression , close to beating social anxiety , went back to school etc... you get the picture. Thing is , these are all issues i felt like i could talk...
  2. S

    I should have stayed in bed

    On my way to work. Out if 50 cars, only one knew how to use turn signals. Then at work, my boss dumps everything on me. WTF?
  3. Killer_Frost

    Sometimes I wonder why I even try

    I have seemed to failed at everything it seems and become the laughing stock of the community I live in. People talk bad about me, look down upon me, and I've been by dates more times than I can count. Lose weight, gain weight. All the jobs I applied to are low balling me (like min wage even...
  4. HoodedMouse

    Won the genetic lottery but the first place prize was a one-way ticket to my bedroom

    I either got the genetic lottery or I'm a milkman baby because WOO did I get the skip a generation crap down to my core. I have curly hair, neither of my parents have, psoriasis, neither have, horrid near sightedness, my parents are both far sighted and not that bad off, and I have asthma which...
  5. why_am_I_here

    obsessed ??

    I obsess over my own death constantly until my will to live is non-existent. I have no kids or family and one day I woke up and now am on the wrong side of 40. Thinking about your own death is paralyzing when you think about it enough. I have no friends and no life so this is really working out...
  6. IgetitI'mcrazy

    It's just been a bad fucking day.

    I was in another town and got stressed so I ran into traffic and just stood there until break was over and I had to go back inside. I broke the trust of the girl I want to spend the rest of my life with all because of some guy I couldn't give two shits about. I wish it were easier to just stop...
  7. K

    Ugh! I am too young for all this drama in my life!

    I had this guy, I’ve known for years, we finally become friends, I screwed up so bad! I regret it, But that was along time ago! He is ignoring me now! And he hates me. He’s rude too. He use to not be! Whyyyyy
  8. Jackquillinit

    My rant about my current situation in life (it's long and boring)

    Let me just start this by saying that I'm not suicidal in the least bit. I'm fundamentally against suicide regardless of how sad/depressed I become and wish to dye of old age, having beaten survived all the shit that life's throwing at me. I'm unemployed right now because I bet everything on...
  9. ThisIsBananas

    I miss when I moved back into town.

    10 years ago I was a teenager. I ran away from my hometown, and abandoned everybody I knew because I was pressured to live a life I didn't want to live. A couple of years later I was forced into moving back to my hometown, thanks to a falling out between a bunch of people I lived with. I lost...
  10. T

    i dont know what to do

    i feel like everyone around me is slowly killing my potential and my good spirit. Im stuck in this state of waiting for the right time to leave and start my life the way i want it to be and its driving me crazy. to give you an idea of my life so far is that i live with a family of hetero...
  11. V

    Fucking hate everyone i know

    What the fuck is wrong with me i am so useless and meaningless. I have no point in living tbh. my friend told me that when i die ill go to heaven but i dont want to go there becasue it doens't seem like fun. I rather go to hell cause theres no strippers in heaven. Anyone have a reason to live?
  12. Spaced Man

    Gettin old sucks

    My back always hurts 8 hours of work completely exhausts me Alcohol only makes me tired Me and my friends ideas of fun is sitting on the couch and watching Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia for the 17th time while drinking and getting tired after inly 7 beers because it's too hot outside, or...
  13. M


    I HAVE A FUCKING SCREWED UP LIFE. I'm 15 and living with my grandparents right now, and I have a habit of being sarcastic and joking around in ways most people don't get. Last night, at my great-uncle AJ's birthday party, we were getting ready to leave and were looking at AJ's new truck. I was...
  14. J

    I have no idea what to do with my life.

    Hey all, I really have no idea what to do with my life. I decided to rant about it and make a video pertaining to it. I kind of want to make more videos about ranting about random shit. Like why asians don't get matches on tinder how humans are really fucking weird creatures. (like what other...
  15. K

    I want to kick my sister's ass

    Warning : Long post Just need to get this off my chest! my sister has been making my life worse and not only me but my parents too, she always wants to put me down make me feel terrible about myself. call me names such as B*tch, Ugly Wh*re and whatnot. she always wants me to believe that im...
  16. K

    My step mom is a bitch

    This is not actually my step mom, but I consider her not my mom. WTF this fucking bitch, called me stupid for not knowing how to peel an fruit. I know its childish to rant over this since I know I'm not stupid, but she seriously makes me mad as fuck. Why the fuck would you call your own child...
  17. Kelde

    What is the nature of existance?

    The ultimate question about life and the universe. Many people believe that the universe began with the big bang. This event may have happened, but what came before? What caused it? For every effect there is a cause. You can't get something from nothing. And things don't just randomly happen...
  18. S

    Work stinks, life sucks, then you die

    I got home and checked my email to see one of these glorious messages ” We really appreciate you coming in for an interview, unfortunately we have decided to go with someone who has more experience in this specific field. We will keep your resume on file if another position opens up within our...
  19. ethanjdonohue

    Love Life

    My love life literally sucks. So I liked this girl, we went to a party, and then my best friend made out with her and now they are dating. I'm not crushing on her anymore. I just wish some really cool girl would come along and date me. I feel so alone and it really sucks. Ughhhhh
  20. Starbreaker

    Welcome to Hell

    My Dad misfiled his taxes years back and now he owes out the ass. He's selling the house in a few days and I don't know where I'm going to live for the next few months. In addition, my job hunt has thus far been unsuccessful. So, yeah. I guess I'm royally screwed.