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  1. ib4

    Headlines UEFI UH OH - First UEFI malware discovered in wild is laptop security software hijacked by Russians

    "ESET Research has published a paper detailing the discovery of a malware campaign that used repurposed commercial software to create a backdoor in computers’ firmware—a “rootkit," active since at least early 2017 and capable of surviving the re-installation of the Windows operating system or...
  2. Jason

    Anti-Malware / Rootkit / Exploits / Etc.

    Hey, So I just built a new PC for myself, and I'm updating some software I use... What security/privacy tools do you guys use for everything other than anti-virus?
  3. Jason

    Headlines Thousands of websites hit by cryptocurrency mining malware

    Back in September 2017, popular magnet and torrent website (TPB) was discovered to be testing a new way to generate revenue that hijacked its visitors' CPU cycles to mine cryptocurrency. In order to achieve that, TPB made use of Coinhive, a bit of JavaScript that embeds a Monero...
  4. ib4

    Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

    I just wanted to throw this in here for anyone who may not have an effective anti-malware program. The windows defender is alright but shit gets by it ALL THE TIME. I use this regularly for scans. It is very very good. I have gotten rid of some nasty problems with their normal anti-malware...