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  1. JLXC

    Discuss Vaccines?

    Anyone here still getting them? Are you giving them to your children? If so... why? At this point if you're still getting vaccines you are foolish. If you are giving them to your children you are Evil, or at the least a...
  2. Jung

    Headlines New MRSA killing antibiotic discovered Microbiologists often study microbes in isolation. In the scientific vernacular, this is called "pure culture." While this is necessary to understand how individual microbes work, the trouble with this...
  3. RebelBuddha

    Discuss Could a human being that will live to be 1000 be alive today?

    IT is likely the first person who will live to be 1,000 years old is already alive today. This is according to a growing regiment of researchers who believe a biological revolution enabling humans to experience everlasting youthfulness is just around the corner. At the epicentre of the...