1. ib4

    If you could live in the world of your favorite movie or TV show, which would it be?

    Pretty straight forward post here. Its pretty common reaction that some humans fantasize about escape or fantasy in response to their stress or discontent. It's not limited to those two emotional situations though, I've experienced both. I've noticed if my stress levels are high, I seem to be...
  2. ib4

    What Are You Excited For [2019--Present]

    I realized that frequently, I am awaiting something I am very excited about, and I want to talk about it. Whether be an Amazon order, a new TV show, movie, game, etc. So you know the drill, drop a line about it here and feel free to discuss as well. This doesn't just have to be a one and done...
  3. ThisIsBananas

    Movie critics have no fucking integrity.

    Fuck movie critics that pretend to know when movies come out, but actually have no idea when they actually come out. Movie criticism is no longer about having a passion for movies and keeping up with the industry. It's all about lying to keep people clicking on their Youtube videos and...
  4. Jason

    Movies Annihilation (2018) - Natalie Portman

    What do you think of this one? Looks interesting...
  5. Jason

    Movies Wonder Woman - Best Rotten Tomatoes Score for DC or Marvel at the movies

    "Wonder Woman" has soared past nearly every modern superhero movie in the minds of critics so far. According to scores posted on Rotten Tomatoes, the Patty Jenkins-directed film has a rating of 96 percent as of Tuesday morning, putting it ahead of popular super hero movies "The Avengers" (92...
  6. Jason

    Movies Star Wars Episode VIII - The Last Jedi

    Wonder if they'll premiere a Super Bowl trailer? Looking forward to it.
  7. BRiT

    Movies That Movie Thread [2017-]

    Which movies have you watched recently? Was it any good or should it be avoided at all costs? I caught Jack Reacher: Never Come Back the other night. While watching it, it seemed to have plenty of action and kept moving forward while being entertaining. However after it was over, it felt rather...
  8. Jason

    Movies The Rocketeer - Sequel / Reboot now in the works!

    The Rocketeer is ready to blast off once again. Walt Disney Studios is developing a reboot of the 1991 action adventure movie, hiring Max Winkler and Matt Spicer to pen the script, which is being titled The Rocketeers. The project, in the early development stages, is considered a sequel-reboot...
  9. Jason

    Movies Justice League - First Look...

    Here's a first look at various scenes from Justice League, another Comic Con exclusive...
  10. Jason

    Movies Wonder Woman

    Hey guys... They just released this trailer at Comic Con, figured I'd showcase it here... I think they went the right way with the look of it, hopefully it won't disappoint. It does look pretty bad ass so far.
  11. Jason

    Movies IT (2017) - First look at Pennywise the Clown...

    Anyone else think the original Pennywise looked scarier? :) Source: Entertainment Weekly
  12. D

    Movies The Village WTF?

    I just got back from watching M. Night Shyamalon's The Village . I expected great things because of his other two great movies- Signs I didn't like so much but I loved the sixth sense. It was definately another one of those didn't see it comin' kinds of things- I left asking myself WTF?? What...