1. Vampire

    Music The Lyrics Thread

    Just a thread for lyrics from songs that you like and/or may be on your mind. Civilization's dying And no one's realizing The position of hate stuck inside the gun Civilization's crying And I won't try to deny it We got a problem son Something's gotta be done With the Pope And the president...
  2. Vampire

    Music Best Music Decades (1950s-2010s)

    What do you believe are the two best decades for music? (Because just choosing one would be much too difficult for some music enthusiasts). For this thread, we're only counting the 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, 2000s and 2010s. You can either rank them all to your personal preference or...
  3. ib4

    Music+Time=Nostalgia, your 'i would have been rich!' crypto story

    This is a two part post, two topics i had wanted to post, I'll put it in one to hopefully beef up the thread convo. First, what music to you actively go to sometimes to intentionally transport you to a nostalgic time in your life? For me its early Linkin Park albums, Puddle of Mud, Deftones...
  4. Jhonz

    Music House Music, please!

    Hi you! Are you housing, and if so, is it deep? And if deep, how deep, exactly? Do you take some minimal shots with that depth? And would you mind telling me who/what the eff you're talking about? Help me add some new bricks to mine! I have some shares, in exchange: Innerbloom - Rüfüs du Sol...
  5. Jason

    Best Buy will stop CD sales as digital music continues to take over

    There's not much reason to shop for CDs when you download or stream all your music, and big-box stores are reacting to that decline. Billboard sources have learned that Best Buy has told suppliers that it will remove music CDs from its stores as of July 1st. The chain was only making $40 million...
  6. Jugular

    Eminem doesn't put out good records anymore.

  7. BRiT

    Music That Music Thread [2017-]

    What music or music videos are you listening to?
  8. BeautifulSniper

    Music Let's Get Some Shoes

    This video is a classic. Let's get some shoes!
  9. Jugular

    Man, Trapt had so many good songs.

    Same with Lou Bega, Marcy Playground, Chumbawumba, Mims, Crazytown, Hinder, Lil' Romeo, Eiffel 65, Paris Hilton and Darude. If you disagree, then you will surely boil for eternity in a vat of feces and pee-pee in the darkest depths of Gehenna.
  10. BRiT

    Music What music are you listening to now? [2015-2016]

    Previous Edition: I had a few albums on shuffle, and recently it's been hitting a good bit of Imagine Dragons.
  11. Brazen

    Music What music are you listening to now? [2005-2014]

    Well i am listning to CKY, and Arch Enemy! Its simple, just post what you are listening to!
  12. S

    Discuss The issues of downloading music...

    download music? just curious who downloads music and if you think its right or not... I download music, i think its "sharing" and we have always been taught to share so... anyways what do you all think?