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  1. cmichaels128

    bitchy mom

    so my mom is a fucking bitch, as well as my stepdad, and im so sick of their bullshit. so last night i had to run a track meet in the rain and my shoes were still wet(damp) from last night and i had 30 minutes till i had to leave for the bus so i went out to ask "hey, would it benefit my shoes...
  2. Jason

    Offbeat Boy, 12, Steals Credit Card and Goes On Bali Holiday Alone

    When a 12-year-old boy from Sydney, Australia, was told by this mother that the family would not be going to the Indonesian island of Bali on holiday, he took matters into his own hands. The boy—who has only been identified by the pseudonym, Drew—stole his parents' credit card, retrieved his...
  3. S

    I hate my Fucking parents.

    So i don't actually hate them. Only 64%. That's just in general, but enough about that. So my dad found a wrapper in my room behind my bed. He got really mad and was like "OH MY GOD YOU ARE GROUNDED UNTIL YOUR ROOM IS CLEAN!" even thought i cleaned it a day ago. So he took my phone and screams...
  4. K

    My step mom is a bitch

    This is not actually my step mom, but I consider her not my mom. WTF this fucking bitch, called me stupid for not knowing how to peel an fruit. I know its childish to rant over this since I know I'm not stupid, but she seriously makes me mad as fuck. Why the fuck would you call your own child...