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  1. Jason

    Is there any need for a faucet aerator to contain 2-3 screens instead of 1?

    Any plumbing experts out there? :) I was cleaning out both my master bathroom faucet aerators, and noticed that each one of them (they're fairly old) contains 3 metal/mesh screens in them (they are all just grouped together - completely identical).. I cleaned them all and put it all back...
  2. -=iNsANe=-ADJ

    Plumbing issues

    I have no mustache, maybe that's why my Mario side doesn't help. Anyway, a question for you DIY nuts: I replaced the water tank since it was kinda fucked, I replaced the discharge pipe -it's not inside the wall- since it was kinda fucked too (the same ol' hard water issue), I cleaned the toilet...