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  1. B

    Scrubbing Floors at 3 AM

    the water does not scald as it should, despite my pinkened feet. it is eternal -- the filth -- I think, and every action has some immoveable permanency I wish was mere mud on boots, on floor, to tend to at 3 AM. but I can't lift these sorts of stains for the life of me. (A poem on...
  2. JacobKatsman

    Poetry trying

    *Why Secrets ("top war secrets" I mean:) are impossible...* Because all people live in a herd Because all will die or have died Because today wishes stay against power Because we are egoists Because Past don't know the Present Because never for us can't stop the time Because to another...
  3. Shanananaaa

    I'd Give You The Sky

    "I'd give you the sky" He said But I wouldn't know what to do with it If he did. "I'd give you the moon" He said But I'd pull it down And over analyze The depth of every crater Roundness of every pebble And the distinct lack Of life. "I'd give you the sun" He said But I'd tug it here Much too...
  4. Shanananaaa

    Secondhand Desk

    I'm writing this From a secondhand desk Secondhand like used Like done with and tossed To the next person For them to write upon While beaming with pride At their frugality Their thriftiness "I got this desk for $12" They tell all who visit All who pretend to care But don't give a shit How much...
  5. Chaddilac

    While Maggie Sleeps - a poem

    Late night writing needs a quiet touch For if I make too much noise then I'll have to put my toys away And that's no fun at all Mesmerized by the small-sized device I try to revise my battle-cry but I'm compromised Too much space left to try And really Why? You might think this poem is about...
  6. W

    dancer, artist, actor, and poet- creativity block

    So in the world of creativity, I feel very torn. you see, I have lots of talents and ideas, made lots of personal discoveries and such, but yet i still feel the need to create more. I love my creativity but am horribly stuck at the moment and cant express anything???!!!!!! idk about anyone else...
  7. B

    My Fat Thread of Poetry

    Just going to add my poetry in here from time to time. It's not everybody's cup of tea, of course. I won't get pissed if you squat over it and shit on it (verbally), both are merely outlets. Virginity. A Blue Death (From my perspective as a 5 year old, retelling the event of my 2...
  8. steelasp

    I once had a love

    I once had a love. A love that burned with such bright intensity that it left us both blistered and blind raw and irrationally over protective. Love, seemingly solid, yet fragile, when heated unevenly cracks and then violently shatters, like glass. Shards embeded in the heart and mind cannot be...
  9. redhawk24

    Love, Loss, and Loneliness

    I was looking for the link to show this to someone, but I couldn't find it. So, I'm reposting the most personal thing that I've ever written. This poem was originally intended to be a suicide note in January 2009, just over a year after the worst time in my life. I was coasting along Without...