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  1. B

    Corrupt cops should kill themselves slowly and painfully

    They're gonna hate hell, because they are fuckin' going there. Enjoy your time you have now, because you'll be crying like a bitch and there'll be no end!!!!
  2. ThisIsBananas

    Missing police record

    Back in 2010, I was pulled over for speeding and ticketed. Recently I've looked at the public records online for it, and it seems to be missing. Do non serious driving offensives get removed after some time? I keep seeing on the internet that non serious traffic offenses are recorded forever...
  3. Jason

    Headlines Cleveland EMS refused to transport a man who was shot 16 times to the hospital

    In shocking body camera video out of Cleveland, police say Cleveland EMS refused to help them transport a man who was shot 16 times to the hospital. Cleveland police said they were forced to cross the border into Euclid to help a bleeding man, so they asked their EMS to crossover the border to...
  4. JLXC

    Fucking Violent Boyfriends

    I work at a hotel and lots of women flee to Hotels to get away from their abusive men. Sadly some of them are found, and the shit they pull is fucking crazy. Tonight some fuck face is trying to kick in a girls door "I just want to talk to you for two minutes" says the controlling abusive fuck...
  5. salty04

    Headlines Staties Lay Down A Whoopin'

    A Massachusetts State Police trooper was relieved of his duties Thursday afternoon in connection to the arrest of a Worcester man who was beaten by law enforcement after he led police on a multi-state chase Wednesday. Massachusetts State Police Colonel Richard D. McKeon said in a statement that...
  6. MisterFister

    Discuss Hypocritical Crybabies

    So you might have heard a cop in Florida claimed she was refused service at an Arby's restaurant strictly because she's a cop. “I don’t have the exact quote, but something was said to the effect of ‘We don’t want to serve you because you’re a police officer'” Pembroke Pines Major and Public...