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  1. JLXC

    Oh, we don't talk about religion or politics.

    Hey, you fucking morons, the primary problems in the world are government corruption, and religious zealotry. (This leads into the conspirifacts) Yet, to try to dumb me down entirely, I've had to listen to assholes say this for almost 50 fucking years. Things get worse in America, you try to...
  2. JLXC

    Discuss Communism in America and the "Left"

    I personally think both sides are equally corrupt, but it seems the NWO picked the Democrats to lead the way. The corruption accepted within the Democratic party is beyond belief. While I'm not "on the right", I can see how this agenda is being put forth by the "liberals". Mainly college...
  3. BRiT

    Headlines ‘Ashamed’ of Trump, _____ won’t endorse top GOP nominee

    The Harvard Republican Club was founded in 1888, and is the oldest College Republican chapter in the country. Its website says the club exists to “promote Republican principles, policies and candidates” and members are “proud” of their “rich history of Republican advocacy.” At least, until...
  4. Out2Lunch

    Offbeat Breaking News! Trump Rolls Out of the Race!

    Woot woot