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  1. cmichaels128

    bitchy mom

    so my mom is a fucking bitch, as well as my stepdad, and im so sick of their bullshit. so last night i had to run a track meet in the rain and my shoes were still wet(damp) from last night and i had 30 minutes till i had to leave for the bus so i went out to ask "hey, would it benefit my shoes...


    To the beloved void , I now bestow my deepest feelings. I have run into brick wall after brick wall to support my own visions and agendas in the material world thus far and the overwhelming and repetitive sense of failure is ever so damaging with every blow to the face. I do not know why i was...
  3. izumi

    Dumb sh**

    hey so i just wanted to ask something REALLY important. ok so would you make love to someone that your parents tell you that she or he is like another child to them? why? you might be wondering is because someone i know just became super dumb in my opinion. that person is so dumb i could...
  4. C

    Too Many 'First World Problem' Complainers in London

    It's just too much. People. Stop Complaining about stupid problems that you shouldn't have!
  5. C

    Check your fucking privilege

    First of all, fair warning to anyone easily offended by language here (although I am fucking confused why you are here in the first place if you are). Second, I don't hate all privileged or rich people just the ones I am about to go off about. Third, this is gonna be a long as fuck post so leave...
  6. MuttonChopMan

    I think I broke my f'king car

    Yep So, here I am, trying to teach myself mechanics by doing simple shit to my vehicle. All is going pretty well for the most part.I drive a '94 buick lesabre. Not a bad vehicle, and I actually enjoy working on the damn thing, so cool, maybe I can get paid to do it one day. I learned to change...