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  1. JLXC

    Oh, we don't talk about religion or politics.

    Hey, you fucking morons, the primary problems in the world are government corruption, and religious zealotry. (This leads into the conspirifacts) Yet, to try to dumb me down entirely, I've had to listen to assholes say this for almost 50 fucking years. Things get worse in America, you try to...
  2. Jung

    Discuss Study finds that the non-religious are more empathetic and kind than the religious

    Here, we show that religiosity, as indexed by three different measures, is not associated with increased altruism in young children. Our findings robustly demonstrate that children from households identifying as either of the two major world religions (Christianity and Islam) were less...
  3. 53V3N

    It's your religion that will be our undoing.

    I've been thinking for a while that it was greed that would be our undoing but lately I feel that it's religion. Your religion. Greed is something that is inherent for our survival and, ultimately, could be viewed as something positive in that respect. I must 'have' in order to survive and...
  4. _Kitana_

    Discuss Burning Books?

    People still fucking do this? What Nazis, this is the shit that scares me... - OMG,