1. Jason

    Bionically Engineered Nursing

  2. BeautifulSniper

    What kinds of bots are on

    Apparently there are 14 bots on right now. What kinds of bots are these, and what are they doing? Are they just search engine spiders?
  3. TheRover

    Offbeat I, robot?

    I, robot? Rich Russian reveals wish to live forever as a machine Internet businessman Dmitry Itskov, 35, is sponsoring a group of scientists aiming to create a “human” that never dies by 2045...
  4. DejectedReject

    Headlines Boston Dynamics Atlas Robot Demo

    Prepare to bow down to your future robot overlords! If you experience Automatonophobia, do not watch the video. I love robotics, and still found some of it a little unsettling. Source: Some excerpts...
  5. ryunp


    Just settle down there cowboy. We all are trying to be the best basement dwelling, antisocial, crying-myself-to-sleep-while-masturbating internet creepo's we can, and here you come in here all prancing around with your stuff and things. Geeez. The ratio of pictures-posted to...
  6. Rook

    Fuck the Robots

    Every single time I log on there are 15-17 robots online. They're logged on, doing god knows what, and of course neither @Jason nor @BRiT will tell us anything. I'm starting to think that these robots are there to control our posts and/or our minds. It sounds crazy, sure, but ask yourself...
  7. Woodreaux

    Offbeat Robots tearing shit up!

    More Robot Grunts Ready for Duty ORLANDO, Florida -- Hunting for guerillas, handling roadside bombs, crawling across the caves and crumbling towns of Afghanistan and Iraq -- all of that was just a start. Now, the Army is prepping its squad of robotic vehicles for a new set of assignments. And...