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  1. S

    WTF! I can't draw guns!

    One of my favorite hobbies is drawing firearms. All kinds. From bolt-actions to shotguns to revolvers to assault rifles to rocket launchers to muskets. Even knives, grenades, anything you could find in a war or a hunter's shed. I go to a school. Mascot is panther. Apparently, I cannot draw...
  2. Jason

    The Writer's Block - Rules & Guidelines

    The following rules are in addition to any other general / global rules & guidelines of the site... 1) If you wish to receive constructive criticism then you must ask for it otherwise you may not receive it. If you receive said suggestions DO NOT TAKE THEM PERSONALLY. All writers can and do...
  3. Jason

    Other Forum Rules - Mandatory Read!

    Rules specific to the Pix Pen forum are as follows: All photos are to be PG-13 in nature. Think FHM, Sports Illustrated, SportsByBrooks, etc. Bikinis are fine. Thongs are fine, cleavage is fine. This means we cannot see vagina, nipples, anus, or penis. No sexually explicit material will be...
  4. Jason

    News & Debate - The Rules

    News & Debate Rules These rules are in addition to any other rules here on If you don't read this, then it's your own damn fault. Also, if you don't agree with these rules, then don't post in this forum. Failure to abide by these rules will result in your post being edited, deleted, or...
  5. Jason

    Life Sucks - The Rules! *Required*

    OK, so, here are the rules for the Life Sucks (Rants) forum. 1. KEEP THREADS ON TOPIC ** BELONGS HERE ** Does your post talk about how mom and dad are always harshing your mellow? Does your post talk about how Sally Stinkfinger won't give you the time of day? Is your boss screwing you over...
  6. E


    Noobs, if you're unfamiliar with this term, let me explain it to you. Necroposting occurs when you take a thread that nobody looks at anymore, and you post in it, bumping it to the top. For example, let's say that I make a new thread, it gets posted in for a while, then it's forgotten about...
  7. Icarus

    Shoutbox Etiquette

    The shoutbox is so nice and nifty. It's so tempting to just say "I LUV ALL OF [email protected]!" It would be so easy to revel in the glowing warmth that is the shoutbox and disregard all of these shoutbox rules. But as a constant reminder, here they are: "Shout the fuck up!" Does this sound familiar? If it...