1. BooGoo1002

    You Know What Really Grinds my Gears? Public Humiliation in my School System.

    I have been a perfect student since Kindergarten. Never skipped class, never talk back, and have NEVER gotten a detention. The only reason I failed my Algebra class was because I missed two months of the year. My teacher's were all helping me EXCEPT my math teacher. Who blew me off every time I...
  2. M

    I don't love school

    I am a 18 year-old 9th grader, I don't like school at all. I once fight the teacher and got kicked from school, now I am studying with assholes and planning to quit school. I don't feel like I am the material for school, should I quit and find a job?
  3. AmericanPirate

    Why can't some teachers just understand some things?

    I feel like none of the teachers anywhere try to understand or get to know their students. Like, back in elementary, I used to fidget, get off task, and not focus because I had ADHD; and the one thing that kind of eased my mind was drawing. (I've actually gotten pretty good at it.) However, we...
  4. I

    Uhh.. My Grade is poor...

    I just took huge exam, and almost all of my answer is different with my friends.... If I got a grade under than B-, I am gonna took this course again... W T F!!
  5. O

    Sex in School

    How do you have sex in school where there are alot of cameras without being caught..
  6. K

    high school sucks

    The following is from my younger brother, he's a freshman in hs and he, along with most of his friends hate it. The place has drastically changed since I've been there, with the sudden increase of illicit drug use a concern of mine. Anyways, some background: -it's located in NJ (red flag...
  7. K

    School is Fucking Retarded

    So recently I walked into maths class and took up my usual goody two shoes place at the front of the classroom ready to learn and whatnot when the teacher walked in and said "so now we are done with real maths we are going to be moving on to purely theoretical maths" so of course i put my hand...
  8. C

    Check your fucking privilege

    First of all, fair warning to anyone easily offended by language here (although I am fucking confused why you are here in the first place if you are). Second, I don't hate all privileged or rich people just the ones I am about to go off about. Third, this is gonna be a long as fuck post so leave...