1. HadSexOnFriday

    Had Sex second to last Friday of January

    I know you are jealous, it's ok I would be jealous of me too. I was up in that like uh huhu uh uhuhu uh hhuhuh uhuh oh uhuhuh. Ya feel? I would pull out and then her legs would be shaking and i was like damn girl I ain't even going half speed. Man she had to learn how to walk again the sex was...
  2. D

    I'm so far beyond perversion i don't even know how to fix it anymore. I'm sick.

    So I'm a relatively young dude , and i've been mentally ill for a long time. I've been busting my ass off to fix what can be fixed. I beat depression , close to beating social anxiety , went back to school etc... you get the picture. Thing is , these are all issues i felt like i could talk...
  3. Gone-A-Ria

    Spanking ass is a sex crime

    My boyfriend wanted to get more kinky in bed, so we started role playing. He was the teacher, and I was the little girl in third grade. I got in trouble for talking back in class, so he pushes me into the bed and starts slapping my buttocks as hard as possible. It left bruises, and it hurt me...
  4. Crazizniac

    Coca Cola birth control

    I can't really believe that a WTFer actually posted a shout to ask if: "Me n my boyfriend were kissin n he end up ejaculate outside my vagina n dat rly scare me after dat I just drank Coca Cola am I safe does it rly help?" - drinking Coca Cola would help as a post intercourse birth control...
  5. Jason

    Headlines ‘Smallville’ actress Allison Mack arrested for role in alleged sex cult

    “Smallville” actress Allison Mack has been arrested for her alleged role in the notorious upstate sex slave cult Nxivm, federal prosecutors announced Friday. She is expected to appear Friday in Brooklyn federal court on charges of sex trafficking and forced labor. The bust comes less than a...
  6. ThisIsBananas

    0o0o0 Kinky... Part 2

    Nobody gives good blowjobs. I'm expected to cum quickly, when I get tired of being blown and want to continue to regular sex.
  7. O

    Sex in School

    How do you have sex in school where there are alot of cameras without being caught..
  8. -=iNsANe=-ADJ

    Offbeat Lovers drown as car rolls into river during sex

    Two lovers who were having sex in the back seat of their car, which was parked near a river, have drowned. Reports say the couple could not escape from their car as it sank, and they tragically drowned while trapped in their vehicle’s back seat. They were reported missing by their families after...
  9. Jason

    Offbeat Student got vibrator stuck up her backside during sex with boyfriend

    Emma Phillips, a mother of one from Wallasey, Merseyside, first thought boyfriend Lee had hidden the vibrator under a pillow as a prank. But then when she pressed down on her stomach she felt a buzzing inside her. They tried to remove it using a fork handle and barbecue prongs but all efforts...
  10. TooSmartGuile

    She thought I was retarded

    In middle school, I remember this girl named Lilian, who's Asian, and I liked Asian girls. I found that, like the shallow ***** I am, I liked her for her looks, which was like an Asian prepubescent girl. She was smart though too, but she was'll find out later. I wanted to go out with...
  11. HoneyImHome

    Virginity - Let's talk about sex...

    Ok, kiddies. Let's talk about this. I just have to say some things that have been going through my mind, especially after reading many posts on these forums. First, I remember what it was like, very vividly, so trust me, you can't tell me I don't know. When I was in high school, I really...
  12. T

    0o0o0 Kinky...

    Okay ... Simply put: I'm looking for anything and everything that would create good kinky sex. :thumbsup: Feel free to post any positions/toys/locations etc that are kinky and fun. Example: Handcuffs
  13. Y

    Discuss Sex, Did I get Your Attention?

    Out of curiosity, just to see if these public service announcements are having any effect on most of society. I was just wondering if most people use protection. :redface: