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  1. BRiT

    Gaming Claybook

    For those looking for a new gaming experience or to support smaller game studios, I highly suggest checking out the game Claybook from a small developer Second Order. It's available as Steam Early Access and just released on the Xbox Game Preview today. The price is extremely reasonable at $15...
  2. Jason

    Headlines Microsoft to stop accepting bitcoin as payment method due to volatility

    Microsoft has stopped supporting Bitcoin as a payment method for Microsoft products, Bleeping Computer has learned. Several Microsoft employees have told us the move is temporary and cited the unstable state of the Bitcoin currency. Microsoft added support for Bitcoin in 2014, and has...
  3. A

    My Misadventures on Steam Forums

    I've banned myself from the Steam forums. Why? Well... I don't even know where to begin. I guess it has to start somewhere... I'll try to shorten this, but the story picks up around 4 years ago. (If this seems like "first world problems" then skip to the end.) I finally got internet service at...
  4. Jason

    Question Steam Integration - How many of you use Steam?

    Trying to gauge interest in the possibility of Steam integration here, and want to see just how many of you use Steam... Thanks.