1. CoprophagousCop

    Post in this thread if you are stupid.

    What the title says.
  2. ThisIsBananas

    Stupid people.

    I'm really tired of getting mad at stupid people on Reddit and Facebook. All I can do is shake my head and try not to rage, but I rage anyway. Fake rumors and fighting all over the fucking place every single fucking day. I just want quality content, and most of it is clickbait and flame wars...
  3. Ball Masher

    What are some dumb opinions you used to have (that make you cringe)?

    Okay, we all used to believe some stupid shit, and I'm sure I even posted some of it here when I was in middle school, but I want to know: what is something you used to proudly believe that you now realize was stupid on a game-changing level? For me: -I used to think that bolt-on neck guitars...