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  1. HadSexOnFriday

    Had Sex second to last Friday of January

    I know you are jealous, it's ok I would be jealous of me too. I was up in that like uh huhu uh uhuhu uh hhuhuh uhuh oh uhuhuh. Ya feel? I would pull out and then her legs would be shaking and i was like damn girl I ain't even going half speed. Man she had to learn how to walk again the sex was...
  2. Stardust

    American Supernatural in the distant future

    I couldn't sleep last night, was lazily watching this show on netflix "American supernatural", ghost stories told in a real dramatic boring way. It got me thinking though. The ghosts are always old, atleast 100 year old. So what happens in the future then? "There's a ghost in this house! He's...