1. Jason

    On TV Your first look at Jim Carrey as Joe Biden on 'SNL' has arrived

    Alrighty then. NBC and "Saturday Night Live" gave excited viewers a sneak peek on Thursday of actor Jim Carrey suited up as Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden. In the promo released on social media, Carrey appears alongside Maya Rudolph as California Sen. Kamala Harris, who is Biden's...
  2. Jane Deere

    On TV What were your favorite kid shows?

    I'm sitting here watching Sofia the First with my daughter, I got to thinking about my favorite shows as a kid. I remember loving Barney something fierce. I look at it now and I have have NO idea why. I also enjoyed Fraggle Rock, Power Rangers, and Sesame Street. These are the ones I...
  3. BrIONwoshMunky

    On TV That Television Thread [2017-]

    So, I watched The OA. Started a little slow, but actually a well put together series. More cerebral than Stranger Things, but still in the same vein. More Inception than X-Files.
  4. Jason

    On TV The Tooth Child is hungry...

    ...and it must feed!
  5. Jason

    On TV Star Trek: Discovery

    So here's the teaser for the new TV show coming in January, 2017... Whats your thoughts on anything you've heard about it? Bryan Fuller, who is heading things said the following...
  6. TooSmartGuile

    The TV

    I hate the new TV we got. So fuckin' much! One would say that TV is great and why would I have a hate for a TV? Well... Recently, my aunt sent my mother a new TV better than the one before because now we have a "smart" TV. This TV has access to the internet and, extensively, access to Youtube...