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video games

  1. -=iNsANe=-ADJ

    Gaming Gaming Deals Thread [2017+]

    It's Quakecon time! There are deals everywhere from steam to just check them out, especially on id and Bethesda products. In particular, Doom3+RoE for less than 3 bucks on steam. @Jung I was about to tell you I would get RoE when on sale, here it comes straight to my library. Yeah.
  2. A

    Failing to go Pro

    I can't shake off my depression at the moment. So I guess I'll rant about my failure at life. People seem to hate long backstories, so I'll try to be brief. In the 1980's, video games were my entire life. I lived in a rural area with little entertainment... besides video games. Cable television...
  3. Jason

    Gaming Oldest video game system you still have?

    As many of you know, I'm really into retro gaming and got into collecting years ago... The oldest console I have right now is probably the original Atari 2600 Heavy Sixer from 1977. I have over 40 systems right now (not including handhelds that date back to the Tomy ones in the 1970s), but...
  4. BRiT

    Gaming That Games Thread [2017-2019]

    What games are you playing? I haven't been gaming much over the winter holidays. busy with family, sport events, or movies,, but I have been having fun with Astroneer [ ] when I get the chance.
  5. ib4

    Gaming Fun reminiscence of the game systems.(Games too)

    I did not realize how many systems there were that I had never heard of or played before. Another thing I noticed in this timeline, in regards to Sega's struggle, they released the Genesis 3 a year after the, another new generation of gaming console - Nintendo 64 came out..(not to mention 4...