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  1. ThisIsBananas

    Windows 10 fucking sucks

    Lots of shit that worked on Windows 8 and back will not work on Shitblows 10.
  2. Jason

    Security researcher accuses Microsoft of 'sneaky data mining' in Win 10

    Ah, you can never get enough paranoia nowadays, can you? Security researcher Mike Patterson -- founder and CEO of security analytics organization Plixer -- says Microsoft's Windows 10 sends encrypted data from your machine every five minutes, and there’s basically very little you can do to stop...
  3. Jason

    Microsoft Account Credentials Leak vulnerability

    What would you say if I told you that an almost two decade old vulnerability in Windows may leak your Microsoft Account credentials when you visit a website, read an email, or use VPN over IPSec? A bug, that goes all the way back to Windows 95 is causing major issues on Windows 8 and Windows...
  4. M

    ok i have an issue with microsoft...

    How many people here use Windows XP? How many people here have seen this image? IMAGE NO LONGER AVAILABLE Now, I ask the important question: how many times have you seen this particular explanation for the update? "A security issue has been identified that could allow an attacker to...